Milestone: $1 Billion Revenue Driven for Our Customers

We passed a major milestone on our journey this month – $1 billion revenue driven for our customers. That's millions of new customers for the brands that work with us, and millions of customers who were able to more easily get the products and services they needed.

Rebecca Greene and I founded Regal in 2020 to create a better way for brands to communicate with their customers to drive conversion online. Specifically, B2C sales teams needed a better way to increase answer rates, create more and better conversations with customers, and drive revenue way faster. The tremendous response we’ve experienced for our B2C sales solution is evidence of the need for a better outbound sales and marketing approach. 

The uncertainty over the economy today is pushing brands to lower their marketing spend, and switch their focus to converting and retaining customers. At moments like this, we are excited to double down on our mission to help brands add a personal touch at key moments in the conversion funnel and first 3 months as a new customer. And we are particularly excited to help set the new playbook for selling high-consideration products in industries like healthcare, education, insurance, financial services and local services.

From the start, we knew there was a better way to reach customers - that would ensure each customer received a personalized message, in the right channel, and at the right moment – leading to an easy conversation with an empowered agent on your team. So far, we have built the definitive solution for high-volume B2C outbound phone sales teams by putting a priority on branded, event-driven (i.e. based on the customer’s actual behavior online), and data-based interactions to help brands drive the most revenue from the web traffic they have. We are continuing to expand the capabilities of our current product by adding new revenue-driving features for our customers every day – here are the product releases that occurred in September, October and November. And we will soon announce entirely new extensions to our product that will continue to help B2C sales teams be even more successful.

Hitting this $1 billion revenue driven milestone is just the beginning of our journey, and we’re excited to keep building. On that note, we have grown our team 5x year over year, and recently added a number of new executives on our senior leadership team: 

  • Lisa Kalscheur joined as the Chief Marketing Officer. Lisa was previously CMO and marketing leader at Notarize, Kibo, NewsCred and AppNexus. 
  • John Marcus III is our VP of Revenue Operations. John has built and grown revenue teams at HubSpot, Bedrock Data,, and Tidelift.
  • Michael Thompson has joined as VP of Finance. Michael previously held several finance roles in tech and healthcare including Ribbon Health, Flatiron Health and Neurable after serving as Deputy Chief of Operations First Cavalry Division in the United States Army.  

They join our existing senior leadership team of Brandon Goldman - VP of Sales, Mike Redbord - VP of Customer Success, EJ Bensing - VP of Engineering, and Devon Siegel - VP of People.

- Alex
Co-Founder & CEO,

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