Start treating
your customers
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The fastest-growing businesses are adding calls and texts powered by Regal to drive a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

Treat customers like people - because that's what they are.
Regal — A human touch. Right on cue.
We founded Regal to help brands realize the incredible power of calling customers.
While at Angi (NASDAQ: ANGI), we successfully drove top-of-funnel growth. But even after rolling out website optimization and email/SMS remarketing, only ~4 of 100 customers would convert. Surprisingly, we found that if we called the 96% “abandoned” customers and got them on the phone, they loved the attention, and converted at double the rate.
But the current outbound contact center technology only let us use a basic, one-size-fits-all “call more” or “call faster” strategy, resulting in declining answer rates and a terrible customer experience.
Regal is designed to empower businesses like you to make branded, event-driven calls and texts your competitive advantage. Built on a modern data stack, Regal helps you reach the right customer at the right time with the right message to drive more sales.
We know growing revenue is the top priority for every C-level executive, so that will be a main motivation for many. But we hope to build a more human internet in the process.
Join us,
-Alex & Rebecca, Co-Founders

Voice is dead

When self-serve fails to get you
what you need, what channel
would you prefer a business
use to engage with you?
Based on May 2020 survey of 550 respondents.

The values we live by

Customers are royalty
We serve our customers above all else. If we don’t earn their love, someone else will.
Fast execution wins
We work with urgency and speed because by moving forward we learn more about how to solve the problem than by theorizing.
Growth mindset
Your learning curve should be as steep as the company’s growth curve.
Data beats
We make decisions based on analysis and data, not anecdotes.
Enjoy the
We bring our whole selves to work and build meaningful friendships. We appreciate, and are kind to, each other.

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Together, we’re on a mission — to help brands grow like never before.
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Treat your customers like royalty

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