The 15 Minute Founder focuses on real-world challenges confronting technology startup founders on the journey from zero to $1 Billion in revenue.
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E6: How to define company culture

In this episode of 15 Minute Founders, Alex Levin and Rebecca Greene dive deep into the pivotal role of company culture in shaping the trajectory of a business. With their combined experience as co-founders of Regal.io and past ventures, they provide invaluable insights into the significance of cultivating a strong organizational culture right from the start.

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E5: How to navigate annual planning

Join Alex Levin and Rebecca Green, co-founders of Regal.io, as they share their expertise on annual planning, providing valuable insights for both seasoned entrepreneurs and those embarking on the startup journey.

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E4: Your first board meeting

In Episode 4 of "15 Minute Founder," Alex Levin and Rebecca Greene share insights on how to navigate your first board meeting. They stress the importance of transparent communication with board members, highlighting traits of valuable contributors like thought partnership and constructive challenges. The hosts provide practical advice on meeting preparation, engagement strategies, and adapting boards as companies grow. Emphasizing the need to avoid surprises, set expectations, and build strong relationships, the episode serves as a concise yet comprehensive guide for founders navigating the complexities of board interactions.

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E3: What your first customers will look like

Tune in to this episode of 15 Minute Founder for a candid and informative journey through the challenges, victories, and strategic decisions that defined the early days of Regal's customer acquisition process.

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E2: Hiring your first 10 employees

The very first people that you hire at your startup will have a profound (and often unchangeable) impact on your company.

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E1: Why we're starting this podcast

In this episode, we talk about why we are starting this podcast. From the outside, the founder's journey seems like it’s veiled in secrecy. As current founders of a high-growth software company, we’re here to shed some light on that.

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