November 2022 Releases

Automatically complete idle tasks to increase agent efficiency

Managers can now set timers that guide agents to summarize their tasks faster, starting when a call is hung up or an SMS conversation has gone idle. When the timer is up, the task will auto-complete, freeing up the agent for more tasks. This feature helps agents spend more time talking to customers, and timeboxes after-call work. Learn more —>

View a task’s timeline to uncover why it missed its SLA

The new Task Timeline Dashboard in the Reporting tab enables managers to dive into a particular task’s life cycle of events, and understand why a task didn’t meet its SLA - Was it created out of business hours? Was it snoozed? Did it cycle through multiple agents?

Take control of your experiment reporting

When using the A/B Test node, Journey creators can now decide whether to trigger an Experiment Assigned event or not. If you’re just using the node to split traffic, but not run an experiment, check the option to leave out of experiment reporting. This will prevent the data from crowding your Experiments Dashboard in the Reporting tab of Regal.  Learn more —>

Bring Salesforce Case object data into Regal

For customers who use Salesforce as a data source for Regal: Creating, editing and deleting Cases in Salesforce will now send events to Regal. Event properties contain all details about the Case, including owner, email address, subject, case number, etc. Creating and editing comments on a Case will also sent events to Regal, including all properties of the comment and Case it belongs to. These events can be used to trigger journeys or be referenced in journey conditional nodes. Lean more —>.

Specify data types in CSV upload for better data integrity

When uploading a CSV file through the Segment & Audience builder, Admins can now specify the data type (e.g., BOOL, FLOAT, DATETIME) for each column, by including an additional header row in the CSV. This allows these fields to be appropriately referenced in journey conditional nodes. The default behavior for columns without a specified data type, or for values that cannot be cast to the specified type, is STRING.  Learn more —>

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