REgal for Acquisition

Digital commerce has become undifferentiated. Use Regal to add personalized, human-assisted phone and SMS customer acquisition to your marketing funnel.

Leverage our automation and AI to offer this channel profitably and at scale.
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As a B2C revenue leader
you likely face these problems

Reaching high-intent prospects

If you can't engage prospects, you can't convert them. But customers treat most outreach like spam, and the more often you reach out and the less personalized the outreach is, the worse the engagement rate gets.

Converting prospects 
cost efficiently

It doesn’t matter if you can reach someone if the cost of conversion is too high. Phone sales requires humans so it must be highly programmed and tightly coordinated with other marketing efforts to be cost-efficient.

Making data-based decisions

Getting the customer on the phone isn’t just about creating a better customer experience, it still have to have great ROI. You need to know which outreach is working and which isn’t to constantly improve your sales efforts.

 Convert more prospects without having to work harder.

You are missing out on opportunities to convert new customers.
You worked hard for the traffic, but email and SMS click rates are declining, and customers are ignoring outbound calls. Plus, it’s hard to know if having conversations is driving better customer outcomes.


Drive More

People want to know who they’re talking to. With Branded Caller ID, make yourself known and build trust with your prospects, all while driving 20%+ connect rates.
Lift in Answer Rate
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Anticipate the
Next Move

The modern consumer expects you to know what they need when they need it. Use Journeys to trigger a call or text after a prospect signals intent, like a quote request or abandoned cart.
Lift in Engagement Rate
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Analyze and Iterate to Acquire More

Use Conversation Insights to analyze and identify conversion-driving behaviors. Tweak and improve tried and true strategies
by A/B Testing campaign copy, message timing, promotions, and call scripts.
Increase in Conversations
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Treat your customers like royalty

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