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Discover the new outbound sales solution built to add a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

Unlike traditional contact center software, Regal uses real-time customer behaviors to personalize outreach.
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As a B2C revenue leader, you likely face these problems

Reaching high-intent prospects

If you can't engage prospects, you can't convert them. But customers treat most outreach like spam, and the more often you reach out and the less personalized the outreach is, the worse the engagement rate gets.

Converting prospects 
cost efficiently

It doesn’t matter if you can reach someone if the cost of conversion is too high. Phone sales requires humans so it must be highly programmed and tightly coordinated with other marketing efforts to be cost efficient.

Making data-based decisions

Getting the customer on the phone and driving conversions requires constant monitoring and iteration. This is impossible if you don't have the detailed call outcome data and analytics that let you know whats happening.

Reach more customers, Have more conversations

What if you could have cutting edge features years before your competition?

Branded Caller ID

Drive higher connect rates. Remove spam labels, brand your outbound calls, and get carrier-level performance data for all 400M cell phones in the US.

Journey Builder

Personalize your outreach. Orchestrate cross-channel, personalized outreach that triggers at key revenue generating moments - all without engineering support.

Rich Customer Profile

One view of the customer. Including CRM data, time-series product data, and contact center data. Get a single record for every subscriber, so you can create truly personalized messaging, and agents have the right context.

10DLC Phone Numbers

No more short codes. Call and SMS customers from one 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) so they can text the number that calls them and call the number that texts them. Just the way it should be.


Give your agents superpowers.

Unified Agent Desktop

Finally, one pane of glass for your sales team. See every conversation, all customer data including product usage, and take next steps in one place, without switching back and forth to multiple products.

Conversation History

Every conversation from every channel in one place. Includes dispositions, notes, tags, and even automated outbound messaging so you know exactly what marketing told the customer.

Sales Dialer

Run automated campaigns to reach your goals with Power Dial or Preview Dial. Leverage manual dial and click to dial when teams need autonomy.

Intelligent Routing

Distribute outbound and inbound tasks or leads intelligently. Use skills-based routing, customer attribute-based routing, round robin, and lead assignment.

Task Prioritization

Stop handling tasks in a random order. Control prioritization so your teams are always working on the most important opportunity next.

Voicemail Drop

Work smart and A/B test your followups. Pre-recorded voicemails based on call outcomes, customer CRM attributes or behaviors. Even add an automated SMS too.

Scheduled Callbacks

Always set next steps. Use Regal's scheduled callbacks or integrate with third party scheduling links like Calendly and Chili Piper to schedule future calls.

SMS Auto-Responders

Never leave a customer hanging. When agents are busy or you are closed, engage new prospects, schedule appointments, and automate qualification with texts.


Turn every conversation into data.

In-App Reporting

Stop wondering what agents are doing. Real-time dashboard for line managers. Full business intelligence tool to explore, analyze, create and share data insights.

A/B Testing

Data beats opinion. Use A/B testing to see how each journey is performing, identify improvements in your customer experience, and show off your impact.

Call Recording

Coaching, coaching, coaching. Drill into each call and text conversation to identify areas of improvement for agents. Share recordings internally to capture key learnings.

Webhook Data Out

It's your data. Stream it out in real-time with webhooks. Send it to your in-house data stack or BI tool, update your custom CRM, change the website experience in real-time.

We have you covered

Expert support

You don't have to do it alone.

White glove guidance is included in every plan. Take advantage of our experts to continue to improve your call and text strategy as you scale. Discover new ways to engage your audiences.

TCPA compliant

Compliance is table stakes.

Be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). Comes with opt in and opt out logic and audit log, and quiet hours by area code and zip.

Secure by design

Security is at our core.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant so you can operate safely. CCPA and GDPR compliant so your customers know their data is safe. We take extra steps to anonymize, encrypt, and safeguard your data.

Integrate just like that.

Built for the modern data stack. Send data to Regal to personalize your outreach, and get Regal data back to your marketing and customer service tools.
Use Regal to:
Lift your conversion
Lift your conversion
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Scott Chesrown
Co-Founder & COO, Perry Health

" instantly made our enrollment team 4x more productive. Now that we have improved our speed to lead, we use's journey builder and reporting to personalize, measure and optimize the experience for each customer."

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Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace
"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"

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