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Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace

"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"

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Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace
"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"
Manuj Goyal
Product Manager, The Farmer's Dog
"Starting a phone sales program to call our unconverted leads and existing customers was so straightforward with Regal. And we are seeing a 58% lift in conversion."

Reach up to 2x MORE customers starting today.

Your legitimate calls are being ignored, customer's don't know it's you calling, unwanted calls are drowning out legitimate ones, and answer rates are plummeting.

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Add Branded Caller ID for your phone numbers - no software integration, CCaaS integration or app download necessary. No customer opt-in

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Be recognized instantly and build customer trust with Branded Caller ID on cell phones including your company name and location - not a random number.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Create a testing plan and A/B test local presence and Branded Caller ID to identify where and when to use them.

Get Regal call-level data and analytics for added insight into your customers.


What is Branded Caller ID / Call Branding / Enhanced Caller ID?

Caller ID is the number that shows up when someone calls you, and every contact center software lets you set Caller ID for free. CNAM is a landline caller name, and most contact center software should let you set CNAM for a low cost (but isn't that useful as few customers use landlines today). Neither will let you set your brand name on cell phones.

Branded Caller ID is a new technology that allows companies to display their name and logo on their customers phone when making outbound calls. Branded Caller ID helps companies increase their brand recognition and increases answer rates. This product provides an added layer of security and trust for customers who are often hesitant to answer calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes called Branded Calling or RCD, it is not offered by most contact center software. Regal is unique in that we can offer this service for all 400M+ cell phones in the USA.

Who can use Branded Caller ID?

Registered businesses are able to register their phone numbers to ensure that their calls come across as branded.

How do I get my business name on Caller ID?

For the major mobile networks in the US, you will need to register your business with Regal. To have your Caller ID displayed on landlines, you will need to ensure that your numbers are properly registered in the CNAM database, which your contact center provider should do for free or a nominal cost.

Which calls are branded?

When your business makes an outbound call to a smartphone, the phone will display the business's name and logo on the Caller ID instead of just displaying the originating phone number associated with the call.

There are 400 million wireless devices in the United States that support Branded Caller ID.

What are the benefits of Branded Caller ID?

Boost answer rates, reinforce your brand identity and increase brand recognition with Branded Caller ID. Call branding makes a large difference for businesses that depend heavily on outbound calls for sales, customer service, or other customer relations. Whether you're a mid-market B2C business or an enterprise corporation, here are four key benefits of Branded Caller ID:
  • Increased trust and credibility: When a buyer doesn’t trust your calls, it can have severe consequences for the livelihood of your business. Branded Caller ID can help increase trust and credibility with customers. When people see a familiar company name or brand logo on their caller ID, they're 5x more likely to answer the call. With Regal, the recipient will immediately see your business's name and logo when their phone rings. Customizable caller IDs also create a more professional appearance.
  • Improved "Pick-Up" rates: Did you know customers are 80% more likely to answer the phone when they know who is calling? Not only that, but now you can tell your customers why you're calling. With a Branded Caller ID, customers feel more comfortable answering your calls, leading to more productive and successful exchanges and results.
  • Better customer experience: Caller ID branding provides a better customer experience. Unknown calls are frustrating, and when customers can't trust calls from your company, it starts to affect your customer loyalty rate. Branded Caller ID helps create a sense of familiarity and lets the customer know the incoming call is genuine.
  • Increased brand recognition: Do you notice that many customers don't answer incoming calls? Without a Branded Caller ID, most businesses struggle to get individuals to answer their calls or may be perceived as less trustworthy. We can all recognize a good logo, like the Starbucks mermaid or McDonald's golden arches. Having a Branded Caller ID helps increase brand recognition. Customers who see your logo and company name on their caller ID are more likely to engage with your brand.
  • Improve your company’s security: Branded Caller ID helps protect your business from fraudulent activity by making it more difficult for bad actors to impersonate your business and use your phone number.

Is Branded Caller ID right for my business?

If you're still unsure if having a Branded Caller ID is right for your business, here's how not having one can negatively impact your brand.
  • Increased fraud risk: Scammers often impersonate a legitimate business or organization and trick people into sharing sensitive information or making fraudulent payments. Companies with a lack of branding are at a higher risk of forgery. Use a recognizable caller ID to let your customers know your calls are legitimate.
  • Missed opportunities: If someone doesn't recognize a number, they're probably not going to answer the call. This can result in missed business opportunities, customers and revenue or missed critical communications with existing or possible clients.

How does Branded Caller ID work?

Branded Caller ID is changed out of band at the terminating cell carrier. This means that there is no need for any change to the SIP header, and no need for any integration with your contact center software.

Note that Regal can also register brands for STIR/SHAKEN to take advantage of the verified calling designation, where available.

What does the customer see on their phone?

Branded Caller ID or Rich Call Data (RCD) includes verified status, Caller ID Name, brand logo and call reason. Not all carriers and devices support every piece of this yet. Branded Caller ID Name is available on all 400M smartphones in the US, and the other features are available on about 40M devices today (and growing). As they become available on more devices, they will automatically be available to our customers.

Can I change the Branded Caller ID name?

Yes, you can change the Branded Caller ID name.

Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Change your Branded Caller ID name on Regal's Phone Numbers tab.

2. If your change in branding does not match your Business Name, Regal will ask you to provide proof of ownership or authorization to make the change.

3. Once verified, your Branded Caller ID name will be updated.

4. It may take 1-2 business days for the updated Branded Caller ID name to propagate through the phone networks.

It's important to note that changing your Branded Caller ID name may have an impact on your branding and customer recognition, so it's crucial to choose a name that accurately reflects your business and brand identity.

Is Branded Caller ID right for my business?

Regal works with customers from a variety of verticals, who want to expand their outreach with a customized caller ID. Change your caller ID with Regal and customize it with your business name, logo, or other identifying information - no software integration is needed. 

When you work with Regal, you receive the following:
  • Carrier-level data and analytics for added insight into your customers
  • Tracked performance of your branded calls
  • Insight to make data-driven decisions
  • The ability to share your topic for the call with Regal's "call reason" feature
  • Service for all 400M+ cell phones in the USA
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