October 2022 Releases

Automatically accept incoming calls to reduce wait times

Auto-Accept Incoming Calls

Agents can now answer incoming calls faster. When admins turn on the Auto-Accept Incoming Calls setting, inbound calls are instantly accepted by an eligible, available agent, rather than waiting for an agent  to manually click accept. This feature can shave ~10 seconds off your minimum inbound call wait times.

Filter by time periods on Queues page for more real-time insights

Time Periods on Queues Page

Managers can now filter the Queues page by the last 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour or 1 day. Completed tasks and average wait times adjust with these new filters so you can see (in more real-time) how queue throughput is changing.  Learn more —>

Trigger journeys with page views

Journeys can now be triggered by Pageview events, making it easier to accomplish use cases like “Call anytime a customer revisits my site” or “Send a text when a customer visits the cancel subscription page.”

See which contacts are currently in a journey

Admins can now see which contacts are currently in each journey, when they entered, and how long they have left (if they’re sitting in a delay node). This makes it easier for supply/demand planning — as you can now see if you have too many, too few or a reasonable number of contacts about to receive SMS or call tasks, and adjust staffing accordingly.  Learn more —>

Conditional Match nodes are even more powerful - now with support for multiple properties and more operators

Conditional Match nodes now support checking multiple properties of an event to satisfy a condition. We’ve also added the “Is Set”, “Ends With” and “Is One Of” operators. These additions significantly reduce the number of Conditional Match nodes needed to achieve more complex logic in your journeys.

For example, a condition which checks if Custom Event went_to_lunch Exists where properties.food Ends With “dog” and properties.drink Is One Of “soda”, “milk” or “orange juice” would have previously required five conditions, but can now be accomplished in one.  Learn more —>

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