Regal for Retention

Losing customers is expensive.
Keep your customers coming back again and again with real-time, personalized omni-channel communications.
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As a B2C revenue leader
you likely face these problems

Reaching high-intent prospects

If you can't engage prospects, you can't convert them. But customers treat most outreach like spam, and the more often you reach out and the less personalized the outreach is, the worse the engagement rate gets.

Converting prospects 
cost efficiently

It doesn’t matter if you can reach someone if the cost of conversion is too high. Phone sales requires humans so it must be highly programmed and tightly coordinated with other marketing efforts to be cost-efficient.

Making data-based decisions

Getting the customer on the phone isn’t just about creating a better customer experience, it still have to have great ROI. You need to know which outreach is working and which isn’t to constantly improve your sales efforts.

Stop scaring customers away. Let them know it’s you calling.

If your texts and calls are coming from different numbers and systems – you’ve already lost. Today’s consumer will only stay loyal if you offer a seamless, personalized experience – and nothing less.


Stay Relevant

Send customers helpful, timely, personalized omnichannel communications based on their unique behavioral data and create dynamic segments in Segment Builder to keep campaigns targeted.
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Turn Customers
into Lifelong Fans

Onboarding can make or break retention rates. Use Journeys to streamline even the most complex onboarding flows, from registration to new patient intake. Automatically trigger helpful calls and texts at key moments in the customer onboarding experience.
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Evolve Your Retention Strategies

Use Reporting to understand which strategies are driving retention rates. Dig into customer purchase behaviors, sentiment, and more. With Conversation Intelligence, get a birds-eye view of key customer topics and pain points, and analyze transcript details.
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Treat your customers like royalty

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