September 2022 Releases

Transfer calls to another queue

Agents can now choose to internally transfer a call to another queue, in case a call needs to be escalated or moved to another team.  Learn more —>

Dynamic From number in manual dial pad

When an agent initiates a manual outbound call or text, the dial pad will now dynamically default to the most logical From number, either: the agent’s dedicated line, the phone line for the contact’s sub-brand, or the default phone line on your account. Agents can always click on the dropdown to select a different From number. This feature cuts down on the number of clicks agents need to make in order to place a manual outbound call or text.

Get a big-picture view of your queues

With our revamped UI for the Queues page, managers can now get a better view of queue health - including how many tasks are in each queue vs. how many available agents, the number of completed tasks today, and the average wait time for those tasks to complete. Additionally, the tiles at the top provide totals across queues, giving managers a quick snapshot of the day’s progress.  Learn more —>

Dive into your SLAs for better staffing decisions

The new SLAs Dashboard in the Reporting tab enables managers to dive into their SLAs to better understand how the team is performing against key customer experience targets such as inbound call answer rates or “speed to lead” on outbound calls. Use this data to inform staffing decisions, agent management, task prioritization or LIFO/FIFO decisions.

In the dashboard, SLA data can be sliced by: Type of Task, Queue, Agent Team, Target Agent, Campaign, Day of Week, and Time of Day.

Know which agents a task is currently reserved for

Managers can now view which agents are currently reserved for a task on the Upcoming Tasks page.

See what journeys your campaigns are used in

Managers can now view what journeys a campaign is used in from the campaign detail page, and easily navigate to any of those journeys by clicking on the journey. This makes it easier to audit campaigns and journeys before deciding to make an update to a campaign.  Learn more —>

Use oAuth to securely integrate Regal with Salesforce

For customers who use Salesforce as a data source for Regal: Salesforce admins can now integrate Salesforce and Regal using oAuth for improved security, stability and ease of integration. Talk to your Customer Success Manager about how to transition your Salesforce integration to this method. Note: Still requires installing the Regal package into your Salesforce org.  Learn more —>

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