Drive More Contact Center Revenue With These 6 Holiday Tips

For B2C outbound phone sales, the holiday season can make or break your year. While high consideration products like education, health insurance and financial services don’t get the same boost as retail at this time of year, every company has a revenue number to reach. 

With the right approach, agents can ensure that more of their calls are answered, and that more conversations lead to more sales - just in time to hit those end of year goals.

1. Take stock of your current metrics

Take a look at how your outbound sales process works through a data-driven lens. If agents are calling people seven or eight times, while answer rates fall off a cliff after four tries, you can confidently remove leads much sooner and save agents time and aggravation. If you’re sharing hot leads that sit for days at the bottom of a contact list, update your process so that agents prioritize the newest leads.

2. Make fast fixes

Review your problem areas and look for places that could benefit from a quick fix. See if your calls are being labeled as “spam” or “spam likely” implement a solution like’s Spam Remediation or Branded Caller ID to get more calls answered fast. Encourage agents to follow your lead on those process improvements you identified. Agents might also benefit from a fresh round of training to make sure they use the right script based on a customer’s recent browsing history. Or perhaps scripts are outdated and can be updated to have a bigger impact on the outcome of each conversation. 

3. Motivate your agents

Suffering from low motivation on the team? Don’t just throw new processes at them at the busiest time of year, add incentives for the holidays and make it fun. Keep track of who is doing best on a leaderboard and giving prizes along the way will keep everyone engaged. 

4. Try some new A/B tests

While you’re keeping track of how the agents are doing, think about implementing A/B tests in your process that could help increase answer rates and revenue. Shift 10% of your volume to the treatment group - maybe with a different message or new call pattern - and compare to your control.

5. Implement new point solutions to drive revenue

Find tools and technologies that can fit into your current tech stack and help increase answer rate or agent performance. Branded caller id to increase answer rates, a journey builder to improve orchestration and A/B testing, 2-way SMS to add another engagement channel, better reporting to understand what's working and what's not.

6. Make a wish list for 2023

Every outbound phone sales team has weak points that need more than a fast fix. Make a list of all of the things you identified that aren’t working and put them in priority order such as the need to assign a customer to a specific agent, or have different journeys for different kinds of customers. Next, add line items for improvements for parts of the process that aren’t necessarily broken, but that could benefit from a new solution. While it might feel like a big project, the best time to replace your old school dialer is yesterday, and the second best time is today. has rebuilt the software for phone sales teams from ground up to drive an average 25% incremental revenue with its novel end-to-end solution. And once you’ve implemented, you can start looking for more areas for improvement, setting the stage for success in 2024.

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