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Drive higher connect rates by removing spam labels, using Branded Caller ID, and getting carrier-level performance data.

Reach all 400M cell phones in the US from one platform.
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Reach 400,000,000+ cell phones in the United States

"I answer calls marked 'spam' "

- Said No One Ever

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Lift your conversion
Lift your conversion
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Scott Chesrown
Co-Founder & COO, Perry Health

" instantly made our enrollment team 4x more productive. Now that we have improved our speed to lead, we use's journey builder and reporting to personalize, measure and optimize the experience for each customer."

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Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace
"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"

Reach up to 2x MORE customers starting today.

Your legitimate calls are being flagged as spam, customer's don't know it's you calling, unwanted calls are drowning out legitimate ones, and answer rates are plummeting.

It's costing you money every day.

No Integration

Add Branded Caller ID for your phone numbers - no software integration, CCaaS integration or app download necessary. No customer opt-in

Connect Rate

Be recognized instantly and build customer trust with Branded Caller ID on cell phones including your company name and location - not a random number or spam label.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Create a testing plan and A/B test local presence, spam remediation and Branded Caller ID to identify where and when to use them.

Get carrier-level data and analytics for added insight into your customers.


Does Branded Caller ID increase answer rate?

Branded Caller ID on cell phones drives massive increases in connect rates for outbound calls to cell phones. Consumers are 5X more likely to answer a call with brand presence than a simple phone number. Source: Survey of 1,000 US adults in 2020.

How are Caller ID, CNAM and Branded Caller ID Different?

Caller ID is the number that shows up when someone calls you, and every contact center software lets you set Caller ID for free. CNAM is landline caller name, and most contact center software should let you set CNAM for a low cost (but isn't that useful as few customers use landlines today). Neither will let you set your brand name on cell phones.

Branded Caller ID is a new technology that allows you to show your brand name on cell phones. Sometimes called Branded Calling or RCD, it is not offered by most contact center software. Regal is unique in that we can offer this service for all 400M+ cell phones in the USA.

How does Branded Caller ID work?

Branded Caller ID is changed out of band at the terminating cell carrier. This means that there is no need for any change to the SIP header, and no need for any integration with your contact center software.

Note that Regal can also register brands for STIR/SHAKEN to take advantage of the verified calling designation, where available.

What does the customer see on their phone?

Branded Caller ID or Rich Call Data (RCD) includes verified status, Caller ID Name, brand logo and call reason. Not all carriers and devices support every piece of this yet. Branded Caller ID Name is available on all 400M smartphones in the US, and the other features are available on about 40M devices today (and growing). As they become available on more devices, they will automatically be available to our customers.

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