What is a Journey Builder?: A Complete Guide

Getting B2C prospects to answer your call can be a challenge. Often, the problem is not the creativity of the sales and marketing team, but the limitations of the technology they are using to make the calls. Outdated technology is leading to low answer rates.

The most common outdated approaches to calling customers - automated sales dialers using campaigns and sequences - create one size fits all calls that are easily ignored. Journey builders on the other hand, already a critical part of email marketing, are finally coming to outbound phone sales to help brands engage customers in a more timely, relevant or personalized manner. And leading B2C brands are making the switch at lightning speed, resulting in incredible answer rate gains.

What is a Journey Builder?

A journey builder is a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and streamline interactions throughout the buyer's journey. At its core, it enables the creation, automation, and optimization of personalized customer journeys across multiple channels. For Regal.io, the journey builder is a transformative asset, empowering businesses to design tailored pathways that guide customers from initial contact to conversion and beyond.

The Old Way - Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Manual Dialing - Early efforts at calling customers sometimes start by creating a list or CSV of leads and asking sales representatives to manually dial them from a soft phone or voip system like RingCentral, Aircall or Dialpad. If each sales representative has to manually type in each phone number, look up additional information, and determine who to call next, there is a lot of wasted time in between each call.

Sales Dialers, Campaigns and Sequences - Over 50 years ago, omnichannel contact centers started offering automated dialers to speed up the rate at which a list of CSV of leads could be called. They automatically queue and call the next lead. Dialers are a simple and systematic way for sales teams to abstract away some of the administration and work through a batch list of leads with dialing modes like preview, power, progressive and predictive. 

Instead of only calling a lead once, most teams like to have a campaign, sequence or series of calls to increase the chance of reaching the customer. For example, a brand might set up a sequence that calls the lead immediately and then 3 times a day for the next five days. Most often brands combine sequences and dialers to both increase the number of times a lead is called and make sure the calls are worked efficiently. Omnichannel contact centers moved to the cloud 25 years ago, but cloud products like Genesys, Five9 and or Nice have not innovated on the dialing strategies. These tools still treat every customer the same, and limit the brand’s decision to how fast to call a lead and how many times to call them.

Journey Builders in Email Marketing

Email marketing technology has been ahead of phone sales. In the 2010s, while outbound phone sales still treated all customers the same, email marketers moved on to cross-channel customer engagement solutions like Iterable and Braze that offered a brand new tool called a journey builder, which allowed more personalized marketing, and thus better outcomes. These new solutions offered a few important innovations: 

  • Unified Customer Profile - All behavioral, time series and CRM data is ingested into the system in real-time and mapped to the correct customer, which gives brands the ability to segment appropriately, and trigger messages based on customer actions. The real-time (milliseconds of processing) architecture allows teams to act on customer behaviors and preferences in the moment and personalize each outreach at enormous scale.
  • Drag-and-drop Canvas - A no code tool that managers can use to quickly build, edit, and A/B test the exact channel, timing and messaging of outreach - all without the support of engineering.
  • Cross-Channel Orchestration - The ability to trigger messages to customers across key channels like email, text messages, push messages, and now calls - all from one place.

Common sense was proven right - if you reach prospects at the right time in the right channel with the right message (instead of treating them all the same), the engagement will increase. And the improvement in engagement rate due to journey builders has forced sales and marketing teams to rapidly replatform from “batch and send” email platforms to event-driven solutions with journey builders.

The Regal Way - Journey Builder for Outbound Phone and SMS Sales

Regal has rebuilt the journey builder for Calling and SMS

Regal has rebuilt the journey builder ground up for conversational channels like phone and sms sales (instead of one way marketing channels like marketing email or marketing sms), and has rethought each feature to drive as much incremental revenue for brands as possible. Now you can get Unified Customer Profiles, a Drag and Drop Canvas, and Cross-Channel Orchestration for phone and sms sales.

Every year brands are finding it more and more challenging to engage customers. And the outdated outbound contact center technology only lets them use a basic, one-size-fits-all “call more” or “call faster” strategy, resulting in declining answer rates and a terrible customer experience. To improve personalization and thus answer rate, phone sales teams are quickly switching to a journey builder.

Journey Builders: Building Your Path to Customer Engagement

With advanced automation and data-driven insights, Regal.io's journey builder facilitates timely and relevant interactions, spanning calls, texts, emails, and more. It enables businesses to automate tasks, personalize interactions, and measure performance to drive efficiency and effectiveness. In summary, a journey builder is a cornerstone of modern customer engagement strategies, enabling businesses to forge deeper connections, foster loyalty, and drive growth in today's competitive landscape

Ready to enhance your customer interactions and drive revenue growth? With Regal.io, you can seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel, personalized phone calls and texts at crucial revenue-generating moments, all without the need for engineering support. Start leveraging the power of Regal.io today to increase answer rates and maximize engagement with your audience.

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