E5: How to navigate annual planning

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Welcome to another episode of 15 Minute Founder with Alex Levin and Rebecca Green, co-founders of Regal.io. In this insightful episode, they dive into the intricacies of annual planning, drawing from their experiences in both large public companies and early-stage SaaS startups. As we enter a new year, join Alex and Rebecca as they unravel the nuances of crafting effective plans to set the stage for success.

Key Takeaways
Strategic Planning Timing: Allocate intentional time for annual planning, adjusting the start date based on the company's size, ensuring a purposeful balance between thoroughness and efficiency.
Balancing Confidence Levels: Venture-funded startups must carefully balance internal team goals with board presentations, considering the level of confidence required for both plans to guide strategic decisions effectively.
Precision in Revenue Assumptions: Prioritize clarity in revenue assumptions by dissecting major underlying factors, recognizing that early-stage accuracy may vary and adjusting plans accordingly.
Cost Side Control and Conservatism: Exercise greater control over the cost side of the model, being conservative in planning, and employing benchmarks to inform decisions around ratios and burn rates.
Reforecasting for Agility: Embrace reforecasting as a dynamic tool for managing cash effectively, ensuring a quarterly or half-yearly review to adapt strategies promptly and maintain financial agility.

Meet the speakers

Alex Levin
CEO & Co-Founder, Regal.io
Rebecca Greene
CTO & Co-Founder, Regal.io

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