E6: How to define company culture

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In this episode of 15 Minute Founders, Alex Levin and Rebecca Greene dive deep into the pivotal role of company culture in shaping the trajectory of a business. With their combined experience as co-founders of Regal.io and past ventures, they provide invaluable insights into the significance of cultivating a strong organizational culture right from the start. From the genesis of defining core values to implementing strategies for sustaining them, Alex and Rebecca offer practical advice and anecdotes that shed light on the importance of culture in fostering employee engagement, decision-making processes, and ultimately, business success.

Key Takeaways
Early Definition is Crucial: Defining company culture early on sets the tone for organizational behavior and ensures alignment with business objectives, mitigating the risk of cultural drift as the company grows.
Values Drive Decision-Making: Core values serve as guiding principles for decision-making, providing a framework for both employees and leadership to navigate challenges and opportunities with consistency and clarity.
Cultural Fit Matters: Prioritizing cultural fit in the hiring process fosters a cohesive team environment and minimizes the risk of discord that may arise from misalignment in values and work ethics.
Recognition Reinforces Culture: Celebrating employees who embody company values reinforces desired behaviors and cultivates a sense of belonging, driving engagement and morale across the organization.
Continuous Evolution is Essential: Company culture is dynamic and should evolve alongside the business, necessitating periodic reflection, adaptation, and reinforcement to remain relevant and impactful in guiding organizational behavior and decisions.

Meet the speakers

Rebecca Greene
CTO & Co-founder, Regal.io
Alex Levin
CEO & Co-founder, Regal.io

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