Q&A with Perry Health’s Scott Chesrown

Perry Health is a remote clinic operating across the US that specializes in at-home diabetes care. The company provides data-based personalized care through remote monitoring, nutritional counseling, and support to diabetes patients on Medicare. Perry Health turned to Regal.io for an easier way to help manage the tasks and hours involved in helping their patients live their best possible lives.

Perry Health’s Scott Chesrown shares more information about their experience with Regal.io and how they ultimately increased revenue 23%. (Click here to read the case study.)

Tell me how you came to Regal.io and what the early setup process was like.

It actually started from a Google search as we were looking for a Branded Caller ID solution. I knew Twilio was working with it in a closed Beta, so we found Regal.io through that bit of information and decided to reach out. 

How did you decide what features to implement at the beginning and how did you work them into your existing process?

Because we weren't familiar with Regal's technology at first, we just implemented Branded Caller ID on top of our DialPad instance. It was pretty easy to start there and we saw great improvements in our outbound call answer rates. 

From there, we quickly expanded. I knew that we were going to be moving off of DialPad because it didn’t allow us to build defined processes and workflows for our sales or support organization. We decided to move our sales team into the Regal.io platform and used the Salesforce integration to send in leads and define our journeys

We ripped the bandaid off fully and just went for it.

What were some early signs of success and how did you build on that? 

When we took away the need for the team to set their own followup tasks, dial users, send SMS, we had massive productivity gains. 

By having the journeys defined and the actions automated, we instantly doubled our capacity - meaning we were getting to leads in minutes and all follow-ups were being completed. Honestly, Regal.io was so effective that our sales team had little to do for much of the day!. 

Describe how you've evolved your use of the Regal.io platform and what it's done for your sales.

We've implemented Regal.io across the organization. Sales, support and our clinical team all use Regal.io. It has allowed us to standardize the process, which allows us to measure the customer journey properly and make changes to improve it.

How has Regal.io changed your approach to outbound sales and marketing?

The beauty of Regal.io is that they didn’t make us change our process, our processes just became much more efficient and effective. Now we are able to do more with a smaller team. From a cost and performance perspective, we are in a much better position. 

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