Meet Regal Call Branding™: Branded Caller ID that Reaches 400 Million Devices in the US from One Solution

Today, I’m excited to introduce Regal Call Branding™. Available on 400M wireless devices in the US (as well as most of Canada and the UK), Regal Call Branding™ puts you in control of what people see when you call their cell phone – including showing your brand and logo.

When my co-founder and I were at ANGI, the largest home improvement provider in the world, we had a 1,000+ person B2C sales team. Customers would not only ignore our calls, they would complain that it took us too long to get back to them despite our repeated attempts to reach them! Plus, a low call answer rate was costly for our business – both in higher required staffing levels and lost revenue. One of the more shocking examples of unanswered calls I saw recently is the hiker who got lost for days and repeatedly ignored calls from various emergency services because “they didn’t recognize the number”. If emergency services can’t get through to a man in a potentially life-threatening situation, what hope do sales teams have of connecting with prospects and customers?

Getting your calls answered isn’t easy. Even when customers expect you to call, they won’t answer if it's an unknown number or you’re showing up as SPAM. And the free CNAM and registration solutions online do nothing to solve the issue on cell phones. Regal Call Branding™ drives an average 30% answer rate – 3x the industry average rate – resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue for Regal’s customers from this feature alone.

Regal Call Branding™

We have built a one-stop, self-serve solution to give outbound callers access to the newest technology and data from cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. And we only work with reputable TCPA compliant outbound callers, so your traffic is safe.

Key value propositions:

  • Reach all US carriers - Reach 400M US wireless devices from one platform. The widest reach available on the market today.
  • Branded Caller ID - Set Branded Caller ID by originating phone number.
  • No integration needed - Upload numbers manually or programmatically.
  • Testing & reporting - Create A/B tests and track the impact of branding calls over time.
  • Carrier-level data - Monitor the carrier-reported answer rate, connect rate, time on call and reputation and health of your phone numbers.
  • White-glove Support - Experts that help you use Regal to maximize quality conversations and minimize the volume of calls your team has to do.

Customer Stories

The first time I saw branding show up on my cell phone, it blew me away. Now, when you call a customer browsing your mobile website and you call them, the call is an extension of your experience instead of an interruption. The fastest growing B2C High-Consideration businesses have made Branded Caller ID a critical part of their experience:

“’s call branding solution builds trust with our leads and allows them to immediately connect the dots between their recent visit to our site and the reason for our call,” said Michael Rose-Sandow, Director of Sales Operations, Kin Insurance. “As a result, we connect with more leads, have more meaningful conversations with those leads, and ultimately convert more leads into customers.”

Customers can use Branded Caller ID as standalone products if they wish, but we always recommend combining it with the rest of the platform so they can take advantage of the Regal Journey Builder. The combination allows you more flexibility to vary local presence, branded numbers, unbranded numbers, and spam remediated numbers in the same outbound campaign, and automatically adjust calling patterns based on your carrier-reported answer rate on each phone number.

- Alex

Co-Founder & CEO,

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