Major Changes to SMS and Branded Caller ID Regulations will Improve Customer Experience

New SMS and Branded Caller ID regulations rolled out in Q2 2023 that have massively changing how brands can use these tools. The new regulations require that every company register their sms campaigns and Branded Caller ID campaigns before being allowed to send texts or brand calls. Organizations that do not comply will face disruptions, fees and legal action. But the good news is that these changes will result in fewer spam calls and texts, resulting in better results for companies that navigate the changes correctly.

What is A2P 10DLC? What is the A2P 10DLC regulation?

In the United States, outbound sms campaigns historically were sent from short codes (6 digits). But these were hard to buy, and prevented companies from calling and texting from the same number and prevented customers from calling or texting back, creating a bad customer experience. The carriers rolled out A2P 10DLC SMS (application to person 10 digit local phone numbers) over the last few years to allow texting from ten digit numbers to solve these issues. 

While some providers ensured only TCPA-compliant senders used A2P 10DLC, some did not. Until recently there was little compliance on what was sent via A2P 10DLC, but starting September 1, 2023, all companies must register (and get approved for) their SMS and MMS campaigns by demonstrating how they capture TCPA consent and what messages they will send. Messages sent in the US from unregistered A2P 10DLC numbers will be blocked.

In order to continue sending messages from A2P 10DLC you either need to register yourself with The Campaign Registry or work with your SMS provider to register. Unfortunately so many brands are registering that it can take up to 10 weeks to be approved at the moment, and you need to register each new number and campaign before you can use them.

What Branded Caller ID regulation is required?

Branded Caller ID is a new technology that allows companies to display their name and logo on their customers cell phone when making outbound calls. Branded Caller ID helps companies increase their brand recognition and increases answer rates.

While most providers always vetted customers to ensure they had the right to use the brand name they provided, some did not. Starting in Q2, the US cell carriers have all started adding new processes to ensure the proper vetting occurs before brands can go live. The new processes ensure your business has the right to use every brand that you want to show on Branded Caller ID, and that you are calling customers in a compliant manner and not spamming them.

There is no process to register on your own so you will need to work with your provider to ensure you are properly registered. AT&T has instituted the biggest changes, which have at times lead to 6+ month delays for some brands in getting approved on AT&T.

What does this mean for your business?

Organizations that adapt quickly and do the proper due diligence will continue to thrive. But those that do not comply will face disruptions, fees and legal action.We support these changes wholeheartedly because it’s great news for customers and the brands that are complying. These changes will result in fewer spam calls and texts, resulting in an improved customer experience and better results for companies that navigate the changes correctly.

Understanding SMS and Branded Caller ID Regulations with Regal

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