Personalize the inbound caller experience with an intuitive, self-serve IVR.

Gather input, route and forward calls, assign tasks, and power automated omnichannel resolution.
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Regal drives 3,500,000+ ROI-positive conversations a month


- Said No One Ever

Use Regal to:
Lift your conversion
Engage with more qualified prospects
Increase engaged call rate and bind rate
Increase in answer rates
Deliver a better customer experience
Modernize your outbound sales process
Streamline new patient onboarding
Engage your customers with sms
Lift your conversion
Increase your ROI
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Manuj Goyal
Product Manager, The Farmer's Dog

"Starting a phone sales program to call our unconverted leads and existing customers was so straightforward with Regal. And we are seeing a 58% lift in conversion."

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Robby Romance
Director, Strategic Partnerships, HealthBird
"Regal has helped us improve our sales per agent per day by 250%, improve our answer rates by 100%, and our conversion rates by 40%. As a result, we have been able to engage with more qualified prospects, verify their info for successful conversions, and drive additional revenue."
Michael-Rose Sandow
Director of Sales Operations, Kin Insurance
"Regal allows us to connect with more leads, have more meaningful conversations with those leads, and ultimately convert more leads into paying customers."
Kevin Heung
VP Performance Marketing, SoFi
"We've seen answer rates go up and success with Regal that delivers strong returns we can truly measure."
Jacques Rojahn
Head of Sales, Career Karma
"With Regal.io's journey builder and intelligent routing capabilities, we are able to streamline our outbound sales process. We are able to assign a prospective student to our coaching team to create a more consistent and impactful experience for our community."
William Lucas
Senior Manager, Club Z!
"Regal.io instantly doubled our answer rates and improved productivity of our sales team. We have been able to consolidate what we used to do in three separate systems all into one place while personalizing our outreach to prospects."
Scott Chesrown
Co-Founder & COO, Perry Health
"Regal.io instantly made our enrollment team 4x more productive. Now that we have improved our speed to lead, we use Regal.io's journey builder and reporting to personalize, measure and optimize the experience for each customer."
Leila Kutler
Senior Director, Strategy & Growth, Angi
"Regal allowed us to invest in a personalized conversational experience for our members, and to A/B test how to best support homeowners at key moments."
Manuj Goyal
Product Manager, The Farmer's Dog
"Starting a phone sales program to call our unconverted leads and existing customers was so straightforward with Regal. And we are seeing a 58% lift in conversion."
Sarah Haselkorn
VP Sales & Support, MakeSpace
"After launching Regal with Branded Caller ID on cell phones for our lead outreach calls, we saw a 20% lift in conversion at a 20x ROI within a week. We've been looking for a solution like this for years!"


You worked so hard to acquire your customers through strategic outbound campaigns, but your poor inbound coverage is putting retention at risk.

Build Better Inbound Call Experiences

Create sophisticated, no-code IVR flows in Regal’s intuitive IVR Builder. Gather customer input, route and forward calls, create tasks for different teams, set and manage business hours, or play a custom message based on caller attributes.

Leverage Seamless Call Routing and Forwarding

Regal is the single source of truth for all of your data. Leverage enriched customer profiles to route customers to the right place – no API calls or manual input required. Plus, use Regal Journeys to automatically trigger communication on your customer’s channel of choice.

Stay Data-Driven

Get comprehensive reporting across your IVR events. Easily understand how many call tasks and IVR events have been created over time directly in the Reporting dashboard.

Treat your customers like royalty

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