eBook: How 3 Industry Leaders, SoFi, Perry Health & AllState, Treat Millions of Customers like One in a Million

In today's competitive landscape, outbound sales and CX teams face the challenge of standing out and making every customer interaction count.

Gone are the days when personalization was merely a nice-to-have; it’s now a critical component of successful sales strategies. With a staggering 62% of consumers expecting personalized interactions, businesses can no longer afford to overlook this aspect. Forward-thinking brands understand the need to tailor their outreach to each individual, ensuring that every customer feels like a priority. With Regal.io, personalized outreach becomes effortless, driving engagement and boosting revenue.

Regal.io goes beyond traditional outreach methods by offering AI-powered tools specifically designed for high-velocity sales. With features like AI SMS Assistant and Conversation Intelligence, sales teams gain invaluable insights and capabilities to navigate today's fast-paced sales environment with confidence and efficiency. From implementing branded caller ID to leveraging AI-driven messaging, every interaction is meticulously tailored to each individual customer, fostering a sense of value and connection at every touchpoint.

Industries Benefiting from Personalized Outreach

Healthcare Industry:

In the healthcare sector, personalized patient care is paramount. Perry Health faced the challenge of efficiently managing patient interactions while maintaining a high standard of care for individuals with diabetes. By leveraging Regal.io's advanced automation and real-time data capabilities, Perry Health streamlined patient engagement and saw a remarkable 50% lift in engagement. Through personalized SMS and call outreach, Perry Health's wellness coaches were able to provide tailored support to each patient, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Financial Services Sector:

Financial institutions like SoFi require a data-driven approach to sales outreach. SoFi aimed to establish a sales team centered around phone and text communication, but their existing outbound contact center platform lacked the essential functionalities for targeted outreach. With Regal.io's personalized sales solutions, SoFi achieved a dramatic 21% increase in the face value of issued loans within a single quarter. By leveraging real-time data and automated processes, SoFi's sales team was able to connect with high-intent prospects at the right moment, enhancing the overall customer experience and driving significant business growth.

Insurance Industry:

In the insurance industry, establishing trust and credibility is key to converting leads. Peachy (Marilyn Todd Insurance), an AllState Agency, faced the challenge of reaching interested prospects in a timely and branded manner. By implementing Regal.io's branded calling and spam remediation services, Peachy improved their quote rate by 20% and transformed over 64K monthly calls into meaningful conversations. With Regal.io's comprehensive outbound sales platform, Peachy not only increased their answer rates but also enhanced their overall customer experience, paving the way for higher conversion rates and sustained business success.

Learn more about how you can leverage Regal to scale personalized outbound, read our eBook: Modernizing Outbound Contact Centers: How to Treat Millions of Customers like One in a Million.

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