B2C Sales Podcast Episode 7: Innovating on Patient Care with Cadence CTO, Eric Hauser

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Eric Hauser, a seasoned professional with a diverse career spanning GovTech, Martech, hardware, and now healthcare, sat down with Alex Levin, the Co-Founder and CEO of Regal, to delve into his journey and the groundbreaking work he's doing at Cadence, a company revolutionizing patient care. Catch our latest B2C Sales Podcast Episode to hear the full conversation.

Eric's Journey: From GovTech to Healthcare Disruption

Eric's career trajectory may seem diverse, but it's underscored by a common thread: solving complex problems and working with exceptional people. From his early days in GovTech, where he witnessed the dawn of online government services, to his tenure at ExactTarget, navigating the realms of marketing automation and event-driven marketing, Eric's career has been a testament to adaptability and innovation.

ExactTarget: Pioneering Event-Driven Marketing

At ExactTarget, Eric played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of event-driven marketing. The journey builder product, a brainchild of Eric and his team, transformed how companies interacted with customers, setting the stage for personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns. Eric's insights shed light on the convergence of technology and distribution, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead in a competitive market.

The Intersection of Sales and Marketing in Healthcare

Transitioning from the tech world to healthcare, Eric found himself at DroneDeploy before joining Cadence. His foray into healthcare wasn't just happenstance; it was a calculated move to address fundamental challenges in patient care. With Cadence, Eric and his team are reshaping the patient experience, leveraging remote patient monitoring and advanced technology to provide on-demand care, 24/7. Cadence's mission is simple yet profound: to reimagine patient care for the digital age. By partnering with leading healthcare institutions and leveraging remote monitoring devices, Cadence ensures that patients with chronic conditions receive timely, personalized care, tailored to their needs. Eric's insights into the healthcare space underscore the importance of innovation, collaboration, and patient-centricity.

The Role of Technology in Healthcare Transformation

In discussing Cadence's approach, Eric highlights the critical role of technology, particularly Regal, in driving patient engagement and outcomes. Regal's comprehensive platform enables Cadence to deliver seamless communication, personalized outreach, and workflow optimization, empowering healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care at scale.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Healthcare

As healthcare continues to evolve, Eric remains optimistic about the possibilities. With advancements in technology, data analytics, and patient engagement, the future of healthcare looks promising. Eric's journey exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in driving meaningful change in one of the most vital sectors of society. In conclusion, Eric Hauser's journey from GovTech to healthcare disruption offers valuable insights into the intersection of technology, innovation, and patient care. Tune in to hear the full discussion today.

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