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In this episode, join us for a captivating conversation with Eric Hauser, the Chief Technology Officer of Cadence, as we delve into the revolutionary intersections of technology and healthcare. From Eric's experiences in the tech industry to the founding story of Cadence, this episode explores the transformative impact of open-source infrastructure and the changing landscape of patient care.

Key Takeaways
Tech-Driven Healthcare Revolution: Eric Hauser's tech journey, coupled with Cadence's founding story, showcases the profound impact of open-source infrastructure on healthcare, illustrating how technology can revolutionize patient care, especially for those with chronic diseases.
Challenges in Patient Care: The episode addresses challenges in the healthcare industry, emphasizing the role of Regal in overcoming issues related to patient outreach, engagement, and the increasing demand for on-demand healthcare services.
AI's Deflationary Force: Envisioning AI as a deflationary force, Eric anticipates a future where generative AI reduces the cost of non-medical aspects in patient journeys, sparking a transformative shift in the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services.
Future of AI in Healthcare: The discussion explores the future of AI in healthcare, with a focus on ethical considerations and public trust. Eric highlights the potential for AI to enhance existing employee efficiency while providing a glimpse into the evolving landscape of patient interactions.
Innovation at the Consumer Layer: Alex Levin underscores the significance of innovation at the consumer company layer, emphasizing that the real differentiator lies not just in the technology itself but in how businesses leverage AI to craft personalized, impactful customer experiences in healthcare.

Meet the speakers

CTO, Cadence
Eric Hauser
CTO, Cadence
CEO & Co-Founder, Regal.io
Alex Levin
CEO & Co-Founder, Regal.io

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