4 Essential SMS Campaigns for Home Insurance Companies

Get inspired by these SMS Campaign ideas (with examples) for Home Insurance companies to drive higher customer engagement and more revenue now. Leading Home Insurance brands like Kin, Valon and Embrace Home Loans have experienced 25%+ revenue lift since using Regal.io.

New Quote Welcome Campaign

  • Goal: Welcome new leads and outline next steps in the process (e.g. see quote, talk to an advisor, submit additional information).  
  • Trigger: Use Regal’s Journey Builder to trigger the campaign when prospects submit a quote request online.
  • Tips: Reference attributes such as {{quote estimate}} and {{home state}} to personalize the content. This is a good time to confirm receipt of the prospect’s application and send the estimated quote (if available) with SMS. Otherwise, use SMS to prep the prospect for a call from one of your agents.

Abandoned Quote Nurture Campaign

  • Goal: Engage with leads who did not move forward after requesting a quote and incentivize them to take action. 
  • Trigger: Use Regal’s Journey Builder to trigger the campaign after prospects request a quote but have not moved forward within the average expected amount of time. E.g. Use a delay node to wait 5 days after quote request submission AND a conditional node to check that there is not already an upcoming call scheduled.
  • Tips: Reference information from their application such as {{coverage start date}} to remind prospects of their inquiry. Incentivize prospects to resume their application, and try using an A/B test node to test out different campaign copy to nudge prospects to move forward. E.g. “Why Us Campaign” can call out value props and competitive advantages of your policies or services, whereas “Urgency Campaign” can call out a limited offer or the risk of not having home protection in order to drive urgency to complete. 

Upcoming Renewal Campaign

  • Goal: For customers with a policy up for renewal soon, get ahead of the renewal date and reach out with a reason to renew. 
  • Blast: Use Regal’s Segment Builder to create an audience of customers who have a renewal date at least 30 days from now AND no more than 45 days from now. You may also further segment by profile attributes – such as policy premium and region – to tailor the campaign more to your target audience. Then use a Scheduled Journey to send an SMS campaign every 2 weeks to those segments. 
  • Tips: Remind customers of their upcoming renewal by personalizing your text messages with references to {{renewal date}} and {{policy premium}}. This is a good time to restate to customers that you care about their home protection needs by giving them some lead time to decide on their renewal, highlighting better policy rates or coverages they may be eligible for, and giving them a channel for questions. 

Upsell Campaign for Additional Coverage

  • Goal: Upsell additional coverage to existing customers. This can be a targeted campaign based on the additional policy types your company offers such as umbrella, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Blast: Use Regal’s Segment Builder to create a relevant audience based on the upsell policy you offer. For example, to target customers who are located in a high flood risk zone but do not have flood insurance, create a segment based on property state IN (NJ, ME, RI) AND current coverage does not include “flood”. Then use a Scheduled Journey to send an SMS campaign for flood insurance upsell. 
  • Tips: Personalize your text by referencing customer policy information such as {{current coverage}} and {{home state}}. Be consultative and educate customers of their home location’s risk profile, and why they may benefit from additional coverage. It’s important to show that you are the subject expert and have their financial security in mind. 

Start Your SMS Campaign With Regal

SMS campaigns are a game-changer for home insurance companies looking to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth. By implementing these four essential SMS campaign ideas, your business can create more meaningful interactions with prospects and enjoy the same success that industry leaders like Kin, Valon, and Embrace Home Loans have experienced. 

To see how Regal.io can help you achieve similar results, don't hesitate to request a demo. For more insights and success storieson the insurance industry, see our co-founder's presentation at Insurtech Insights 2024, check out our B2C Sales Podcast and explore our customer case studies. Start transforming your customer engagement strategy today with Regal.io.

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