4 Essential SMS Campaigns for Life Insurance Companies

SMS Campaign ideas (with examples) for insurance companies to drive higher customer engagement and more revenue now. Leading Life Insurance brands like Ethos, Policy Genius and Fidelity Life have experienced 25%+ revenue lift since using Regal.io.

Why Choose an SMS Campaign

Choosing an SMS campaign for your life insurance company offers a myriad of benefits in today's digital age. With SMS's unparalleled reach and immediacy, it serves as a powerful tool for engaging with clients in real-time, providing timely updates, and delivering important information.

 For life insurance companies, SMS campaigns offer a direct and personalized communication channel to reach policyholders, offering convenient reminders for premium payments, policy updates, and critical notifications. Additionally, SMS campaigns boast high open rates and engagement levels, ensuring that your messages are seen and acted upon promptly.

 By leveraging SMS campaigns, life insurance companies can enhance customer satisfaction, increase retention rates, and ultimately drive business growth in a competitive market landscape.

New Applicant Welcome Campaign

  • Goal: Engage and build a positive relationship with new applicants. Clearly outline the next steps to take in order to obtain the policy (e.g. medical exam, property information submission, etc.) Encourage applicants to respond back with questions or request a call
  • Trigger: Use Regal’s Journey Builder to trigger campaigns when customers submit their application and their answers demonstrate they are qualified.
  • Personalize with customer profile attributes, such as {{applied policy type}} and {{coverage amount}} Tips: This is the start of the relationship with your brand and first impressions count. Avoid selling to them at this early stage or using discounts. They’re already showing interest in your brand, so help them get comfortable with you using a warm and informative message.

Personalized Coverage Campaign

  • Goal: Re-engage prospects who didn’t convert after an initial "cool-off" period. In the event of new products, announcing the product to prospects or previously churned customers who may qualify. Or, re-engage with previously churned customers by highlighting potential risks based on customer demographics and location (e.g. age change: most term Life Insurance products have an age cutoff). 
  • Blast: Create a blast campaign to target a larger audience at once. Leverage Regal's Segment Builder to curate the attribute-based segments to identify the audience. Then through Scheduled Journey, send out relevant messages to individual segments at a specific time. 
  • In the campaign, personalize messaging using custom attributes such as {{previously applied product}}, {{last application date}}, or {{age}}. Tips: doing thoughtful outreach can help you stand out from the competition. Help customers understand their unique risk profile and provide personalized coverage options. Demonstrate your commitment to their well-being by providing valuable insights and establishing trust.

Important Life Events Campaign

  • Goal: Identify and engage customers experiencing significant life events such as birthdays, marriage, or mortgage for new property. Showcase the relevance and importance of insurance during these life milestones, or provide tailored policy options that address the specific needs associated with each life event. These campaigns can be effective for both educating prospects who are in the browsing/comparing phase, as well as those previously churned for reengagement purposes.
  • Trigger: For new mortgages, use Regal’s Journey Builder to trigger campaigns when you receive events related to new property mortgages for customers (e.g. through 3rd party data integration.)
  • Blast: For birthdays, use Segment Builder to identify the audience with upcoming birthdays. Outside of birthday life events, you can create a few dynamic segments using general demographic information to "bucket" customers into different bulk outreach scenarios. 
  • Based on the theme of your campaign (e.g. birthday, marriage, mortgage), you can incorporate content using attributes such as {{birthday}} or {{mortgage date}} to make it more personalized. Tips: Crafting campaigns that educate customers about the insurance implications of these events and highlight relevant policy options. By leaning into the emotional aspects of these events, the messaging will resonate on a personal level. This is a good opportunity to experiment with campaign language, or specific life event callouts based on the segment attributes. Conveniently, Regal's Journey Builder offers an A/B test node to help test your copy with ease!

Lapsed Policy Renewal Campaign

  • Goal: generate revenue by reconnecting with lapsed policyholders and encourage them to renew their coverage. Highlight new policy options and updates since their previous policy. Reach out to them with a compelling campaign that emphasizes the importance of insurance and demonstrates your understanding of their needs by customizing your messaging based on their previous policy details, such as coverage type and duration.
  • Blast: Use Segment Builder to create the audience with an expired or upcoming policy renewal date. Then use a Scheduled Journey to target the audience with an SMS campaign to nudge for a renewal. 
  • Personalize with information about their lapsed {{policy name}} or {{renewal date}}. Rekindle relationships with lapsed policyholders and encourage them to renew their coverage, and show that you genuinely care about their financial protection. 

Get Started with SMS Campaigns for your Life Insurance Company

Implementing an SMS campaign for your life insurance company is a strategic move to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. With its direct and personalized approach, SMS allows you to connect with policyholders in real time, delivering critical updates and reminders efficiently. To embark on this journey of enhanced communication and customer satisfaction, explore Regal’s SMS campaign solutions

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