Supercharge your customer engagement capabilities with the Regal <> Braze integration

Two-way Sync Regal and Braze events data to trigger omni-channel marketing campaigns 

Existing B2C sales, service and retention teams can now leverage Braze’s cross-channel messaging capabilities with Regal’s outbound phone & SMS sales platform to personalize their outreach, drive better customer outcomes, and ultimately generate revenue for the business. 

Everyone who shops for clothes and books online now expects the rest of their life to be online as well. But when it comes to making decisions about your health, wealth, kids, pets, house, cars and other important products and services, a slick website is not enough. These online brands also need to add a personal touch during the consideration phase to drive higher conversion.

Regal empowers brands to create meaningful customer interactions through real-time conversations. Using Regal, B2C sales teams can deliver tailored calls and SMS conversations that meet customers where they are, ultimately increasing conversion rates and driving incremental sales. 

With the new Braze Regal integration (link here), teams can power their Braze workspace with reporting events from Regal to take their phone sales to the next level.  Reporting events such as sms.sent and call.completed can be sent into Braze to appear in Braze profiles and for use in the segmentation tool, Canvas and Campaigns. 

For instance, when an insurance sales agent makes a sales call within Regal, the result of that sales call (also known as a call disposition) can be logged within Regal, sent to Braze in real-time and that call result can be used to trigger a follow-up email from Braze based on the call disposition. For the insurance agent, a call disposition with a failed conversion event can trigger a win-back email campaign sent from Braze.  

Conversely, event data from Braze can also sync with Regal to trigger call tasks. If an insurance customer clicks on an email that was sent via Braze, that email click event can trigger a call task for the insurance agent to call the customer within seconds. Call queues are dynamically updated in real-time based on event data, so even if the sales agent had other tasks to be done, the event trigger would prioritize the call task to the top of the queue. 

In order to get started there are two key pieces: 

  1. Data Transformation: Create a transformation within the Braze dashboard to transform Regal event data that can be ingested into Braze customer profiles. This automates the data flow process and can be used to append existing profiles with additional data points for more sophisticated marketing campaigns. 
  2. Regal Reporting Webhooks: This enables Regal users to send any Regal event to an endpoint in real-time.  With webhooks, you can send Regal event data directly into Braze to create a fully unified customer profile. 


  1. Power your B2C sales campaigns. Take your outbound calling experiences to the next level by powering them with high-quality customer data that is being forwarded from Regal. 
  2. Connect your data. Sync customer attributes and events from Regal into your Braze customer profiles in real-time. Update profile attributes in Braze based on contact attribute edited events in Regal. 
  3. Engage customers in key moments. Triggers calls and texts in real-time based on events such as cart abandonment, lead form submissions, and churn indicators. You can trigger an email from Braze based on a call disposition in Regal. 
  4. Keep your marketing experiments in sync. Keep your experiments in Braze and Regal in sync by mapping Regal experiment events into a custom event in Braze. 
  5. Drive incremental sales with real-time personalization. Segment your customers using customer attributes or behavior available in Braze. Combine in-app messaging, email, calling and SMS all into a single customer journey with Regal and Braze’s capabilities. 

More About Braze 

Braze is a leading customer engagement platform that powers customer-centric interactions between consumers and brands in real-time. Braze focuses on cross-channel delivery including Mobile & Web Push, In-App and In-Browser Messaging, and WhatsApp. 

Braze and 

With Braze and, you can engage with your customers in real-time through event-based call and text message outreach. You can track any event you’d like to use for scoring a lead or as a trigger condition when triggering calls or sms. These can be used to create intelligent journeys to message your customer based on certain triggers.

Connecting Braze to your instance is easy, and you can customize the connection to make sure the right data flows to maximize your performance. 

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