Insurtech Insights Presentation: Using Regal to Drive Revenue Across the Policyholder Lifecycle

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak at the Insurtech Insights NYC 2024 Conference about the challenges the Insurance industry faces and how brands can rebuild trust and accelerate revenue by delivering incredible personalization throughout the Policyholder Lifecycle.

Here was the gist of the presentation.

1 - The insurance industry is currently undergoing an incredible amount of disruptive forces.

2 - And before this, trust in Insurance providers was at an all time low according to industry studies. But the good news is that in times of uncertainty, people look to buy products and services that build confidence in the future. And the Insurance industry is best positioned to capitalize on that.

3 - Building trust online is much more challenging than in person – delivering personalization in an offline world at small scale is easy; doing so at internet scale on a very small form factor with very short attention spans where your competitor is just a tab away is very difficult.

4 - The legacy CCaaS software Insurance brands have relied on are insufficient for proactive customer engagement and tailored conversations. They lead to declining answer rates and lower conversion rates, and it's difficult to test new outreach strategies. In a nutshell, they were not built for this new reality.

5 - Regal makes it easy to turn online customer behavior data into personalized conversations at the right moments in the buying process. So that prospects answer your calls and convert at a higher rate – rather than block you in frustration.

6 - Imagine a prospect who started a quote request form yesterday, engages with one of your marketing emails, and comes back to your site. Instead of them waiting their turn on the “All leads day 2 campaign”, they instantly shoot to the top of an agent’s dashboard and get a call at their exact moment of intent. Regal's Journey Builder enables this type of experience -- and requires no engineers. 

7 - Unlike legacy CCaaS that were primarily built for inbound customer support, every product in the Regal platform is built specifically to unblock revenue across the policyholder lifecycle. 

8 - Turns out listening to your customers’ signals and delivering proactive, personalized conversations that help answer their questions, build trust and move them past their decision frictions works! It leads to higher answer rates, more quality conversations per agent, higher conversion rates and more loyal customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Regal helps Insurance brands hit their revenue goals, email

- Rebecca Greene, co-founder & CTO

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