May 2024 Releases

Early Access:

New Call Controls for Easier Call Management

A new Call Controls layout is now in Early Access. The new Call Controls maximize space for important agent context like contact details and conversation history. No more moving call controls in order to access or edit contact attributes!


View and Edit Salesforce Opportunities Directly from the Regal Agent Desktop

Agents can now see and update a contact’s Salesforce Opportunities directly from the Regal Agent Desktop, minimizing back and forth between Regal and Salesforce. Editing an Opportunity in Regal automatically updates the corresponding record in Salesforce. Admins can configure the visibility and editability of Opportunities and their attributes for each agent team.

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Add Your Own Task Attributes for Better Routing

Admins can now configure Contact Attributes to pass through to tasks as Task Attributes for use in Routing Rules. To set up your Task Attributes, go to Settings > Routing Rules > Task Attributes

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Recent Releases:

Allow Incoming Callers to Leave a Voicemail or Request an ASAP Callback in Regal IVR

Two new nodes in the Regal IVR – Voicemail and ASAP Callback – give you additional exit options for triaging inbound calls, especially for outside of business hours. Voicemail and ASAP Callback tasks created from the IVR can be routed to the appropriate queues and agents using Routing Rules.

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Add Personalized Greetings to Your IVRs

Add a personal touch to your IVR messages by referencing contact attributes in Say Nodes using variables. Welcome existing customers by name (“Thanks for calling, Rebecca”) or refer to their preferred agent (“Danny will be with you shortly”) or recent application status (“Thanks for Submitting Your Application”). 

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Create New Skills

Admins can now create new skills directly in the Regal app without contacting support. Access the Skills page under Settings > User Management > Skills. When deleting a skill, you can delete all but the default skills, however you must first remove it from any users.

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Coming Soon:

External Transfer Phone Book

Pre-define a list of external phone numbers for your agents to more easily transfer calls to.

Custom Events in Activity Feed

Agents can see a contact’s important events and when they happened right in the Agent Desktop feed.

Update Contact Node

Update contact attributes or trigger a custom event for a contact from a new Update Contact Node in journeys.

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