May 2023 Releases

Stay motivated by viewing your progress live from the Agent Desktop

Agents can now quickly check how many tasks they’ve completed today without leaving the Agent Desktop. Clicking the trophy icon in the upper-right corner of the Agent Desktop displays the live count of tasks. Stay tuned for more live agent stats and the ability to set goals.

Find your contacts more easily with an improved search experience

Agents can now search the My Contacts view using a contact’s External ID, making it easier to find specific contacts in the list. Agents are also still able to search by Phone and Name as they were before.

Save and access your favorite manager views faster

Managers can now save commonly applied filters of the Agents and Tasks pages as Saved Views for easy, repeat access. To create a Saved View, start by sorting and/or filtering your table. Click on the new “Save” button at the top right and give your view a name.

Use journeys to orchestrate actions for more of your contacts across other platforms

Admins can now choose to trigger journeys for email-only contacts. Previously, a phone number was required for a contact to trigger journeys. This is useful if you want to use journeys to trigger actions in other systems (using journey webhooks) for contacts for whom you haven’t collected a phone number. Only A/B test nodes, conditional nodes and webhook nodes will evaluate for these email-only contacts. No Regal tasks or SMS will be generated for campaign nodes since a phone is required. Email-only triggering is an account-level setting. Contact your CSM if you want to set up journeys to support email-only contacts.

Integrate Braze and Regal for a more consistent and personalized customer experience

For customers who use Braze, admins can now send Regal reporting events directly to Braze, allowing you to send the right next best marketing email or push notification from Braze based on what happened in a phone call on Regal. You can also send events from Braze to Regal, and trigger a call in Regal for example when a high-value customer clicks through a marketing email from Braze but doesn’t convert. See Integration Guides for Data In (Braze -> Regal) and Data Out (Regal -> Braze).

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