Introducing Regal Progressive Dialer

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Regal Progressive Dialer – making Regal the only CCaaS solution powering high-volume outbound sales campaigns with the personal touch of behavior-driven journeys. You no longer have to trade off what’s best for customers (personalization) with what’s best for agents (efficiency). 

Regal Progressive Dialer campaigns place multiple calls in parallel for each available agent, letting the system automatically handle unanswered calls, and only connect answered calls to agents – so they spend less time listening to answering machines and more time talking to customers. Which customers to call when is still determined based on customer behavior triggers and the unique customer journeys you configure, but now many more calls can be placed without having to increase staffing.

How it Works

Calls to agent ratio: Regal Progressive Dialer can place up to 15 calls per available agent in parallel, significantly boosting your team’s productivity so you can achieve your lead penetration and conversion goals. Regal responds to the calls to agent ratio set for each campaign in real time so you can expand your reach while safely managing your abandon rate.

Answering machine detection: The Regal Progressive Dialer uses an answering machine detection algorithm based on tone and speech recognition to detect whether a customer picked up the call. Answered calls are connected to agents, while calls that a voicemail inbox picks up or that endlessly ring are automatically handled by the system, saving agents valuable time. By seamlessly filtering out voicemails, agents can optimize their efforts, focusing on revenue-generating interactions with customers.

Automatic voicemail drop: With Regal Progressive Dialer, pre-recorded voicemails tailored to your campaign objectives are automatically left on unanswered calls, increasing future engagement and reinforcing your brand image – all without any agent involvement.

Actionable reporting: Regal’s robust and customizable reporting suite captures all the key metrics you need to assess the performance, effectiveness, and compliance of your outbound Regal Progressive Dialer campaigns. Track your reach and agent efficiency with call volume and conversations per agent hour, monitor answer rates and abandon rate to inform your calls to agent ratio, and correlate your progress with business outcomes.

The most exciting part of Regal Progressive Dialer is the measurable ROI it drives, for example: Career Karma was able to 3x their call volume on follow-up call campaigns, enabling them to re-engage old leads with new campaigns without increasing staffing.

Ready to Elevate Your Agent Efficiency and Business Outcomes?

See why Legacy CCaaS is Dead, and find out why brands are switching to customer-centric, event-based tools like Regal. Contact us for a demo and experience the power of Regal Progressive Dialer firsthand.

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