Introducing Regal Live

Regal’s new real-time monitoring dashboard Regal Live provides a powerfully simple, consolidated view into the most important contact center operating metrics managers need to stay on top of throughout the day.

Regal Live Metrics

The metrics included on Regal Live provide a birds-eye view of: 

  • The sales funnel (e.g., new leads contact, outbound answer rates by campaign, tasks by outcome)
  • Agent performance (e.g., tasks completed by agent)
  • Queue health (e.g., inbound call abandon rate, waiting tasks by queue).

Regal Live can be used as a wall board for in-office teams to track their own progress or by managers to keep a pulse on their distributed teams.

Actionable insights

Armed with these metrics, managers and teams can quickly identify when things are off track, and are empowered to act ASAP to course-correct.

  • Coach agents who are lagging their peers 
  • Issue a team-wide challenge to jumpstart a sluggish start to the day
  • Adjust staffing levels between queues to rebound on SLAs
  • Modify progressive dialer campaign settings to manage abandon rate
  • Set up more journeys to keep agents busy on low inbound days

Make data-backed business decisions

To go deep on any of these metrics, managers can visit the Agents Monitoring and Queues Monitoring tabs or leverage Regal’s other powerful data capabilities that help you make data-backed business decisions:

  • Comprehensive reporting suite that includes 15 pre-built dashboards and a full business intelligence tool to explore, analyze, create and share custom dashboards
  • Conversation Intelligence to turn conversations into structured market- and coaching- insights
  • A/B Testing to try out different outreach strategies (vary conditions, timing, messaging, channels) and use data to know what works best
  • Real-time reporting webhooks to send to your in-house data warehouse, update your customer CRM or change the website experience in real-time
  • Snowflake datashare to bring Regal’s reporting data into your own Snowflake instance without any engineering resources

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