Announcement: Regal Conversation Intelligence

Regal’s Conversation Intelligence drives higher conversion at scale. It all starts with Regal’s high-quality call transcriptions that allow managers to evaluate every call, not just a sample, ramp new reps faster and turn your average reps into your best. From the transcripts, we extract structured data like whether customers are interested in buying, product mentions, and common objections, so you can trigger automatic follow-ups using journeys or build dynamic audience segments based on what customers say on calls, and tailor your outreach.

Previous Conversation Intelligence solutions were built for B2B Sales for deal insights (eg. Gong) or inbound customer support QA (eg. Regal’s solution is the first Conversation Intelligence product tailor-made for B2C sales teams focused on powering high-converting customer experiences at scale, including:

  • Accurate and easy-to-read call transcripts: Listen to any call and read along at the same time. Quickly find and review interesting calls from a list view. Search for keywords or phrases within any transcript.

  • Conversational trackers: Define unlimited trackers based on custom keywords or phrases. Automatically tag calls with trackers. Narrow trackers to relevant speaker (e.g. customer or agent). Search all transcripts by trackers to narrow in on the most relevant calls to review. See which trackers lead to higher conversion.

  • Power automations based on conversations: Customer profiles are automatically updated with key data from conversations. Trigger journeys or create journey conditional nodes based on trackers. Define dynamic audience segments using trackers.

  • Reporting & insights: Analyze 100% of agent-customer interactions and extract learnings for key roles including agents, line managers, and business users. Includes insights on sentiment, talk ratio, longest monologue, and key behaviors that lead to conversions.

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