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If you’re ever searching for common ground with someone you barely know, bring up the last time you called your bank or health system. It’s a universal human experience to hate being greeted by a robotic voice, asked to choose from 17 options, being placed on hold and listening to the same message on repeat, only to finally reach a human and have them ask you the same questions you already answered or tell you they’ll have to transfer you to a different department. 

The technology powering that experience is called an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which is essentially a phone tree. And through this technology, legacy CCaaS providers like Five9, Talkdesk and Genesys have perfected the art of driving you mad, in the hopes they’ll deflect your inquiry altogether because they view customer support teams as cost centers, and you as a pesky cost.

Now take off your customer hat and put on your Head of Contact Center hat. Perhaps you value your IVR for the very reason that it helps you manage your cost to serve. However, what if your IVR could help you not only manage your costs, but also drive more revenue? 

Luckily, Regal was built to drive more revenue from personalizing every customer interaction – whether outbound or inbound. That’s why Regal is releasing the first-ever IVR for inbound calls that uses first-party data to actually deliver a positive customer experience. Instead of treating every customer the same in the IVR and potentially deflecting or pissing off high value customers, you can vary the experience and service level your different customers receive.

Leveraging Unified Customer Profiles, Regal’s IVR doesn’t require customers to navigate complex menu options to determine how best to route their calls. Nor does it rely on “data dips” into CRMs that are complicated to configure and add latency to the customer experience. Based on a customer’s stage in their lifecycle, total LTV, or most recent behaviors, you can personalize their experience in the IVR and how you route their call. Regal’s cross-channel orchestration also allows you to move their conversation from an inbound call to SMS if agents are not available to take their inbound call.

3 IVR Examples: Legacy CCaaS vs. Regal

Here are 3 tangible examples of how you can leverage Regal’s IVR to deliver a more personalized customer experience and drive better business results vs. legacy CCaaS IVRs.

Example 1: Save your agents and customers time by automatically routing calls to the right team without a phone menu

  • Traditional IVR: Typically relies on long menu options (“Press 1 for New business, Press 2 for Service, Press 3 for…”) for customers to self-direct because “data dips” into other systems to fetch customer information are cumbersome to set up and create latency in the customer experience
  • Regal IVR: Caller is immediately routed to the correct team based on data available in their Unified Customer Profile such as lifecycle status, intent score or customer spend

Example 2: Update contacts profiles in Regal and your CRM based on input collected by the IVR before the customer even speaks with an agent

  • Traditional IVR: Information gathered in the IVR never makes it to the CRM, so the caller feels like they have to repeat themselves when speaking with agents (Agent: “How did you hear about us?” Caller: “I already answered that before we connected”)
  • Regal IVR: Information collected in the IVR can automatically update the Unified Customer Profile for a smoother and more efficient conversation (Agent: “I see you were referred by our strategic partner ABC, we’ve served hundreds of customers with them successfully already.” Caller: “Great!”)

Example 3: Let prospects who call you while you are unavailable continue the conversation over SMS

  • Traditional IVR: Callers are all treated the same, even if they’re mid-conversation with a sales rep about making a purchase
  • Regal IVR: Identified callers can continue conversations with sales reps over text, if they're not available by phone – delivering one continuous conversation and closing more sales

All of these experiences can be configured by you directly from the Regal app, without any code. And you can build custom IVR flows for each of your phone numbers, so each team can achieve their desired end customer experience. Learn more about the available node types. 

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