Announcement: Regal Unified Customer Profile

Today, Regal is announcing the first truly unified customer profile across both digital and human touch points. Regal’s industry-leading Unified Customer Profile merges the complete, real-time activity history of each customer across all their digital touch points (e.g., mobile, web, email) and human touch points (e.g., call and text conversation data, agent-inputted CRM data) into a single, identity-resolved profile. This gives you complete, trusted, and consistent customer profiles from which to create highly personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Regal Unified Customer Profile

When we set out to build unified customer profiles, we wanted to solve the frustrating experience all of us have had when you speak to a sales person on a call and have to tell them your whole life story because they are not equipped with your previous online behavior data. Then you hang up the call, finally feeling heard by a person, only to receive an email or Facebook ad the next day that is completely irrelevant to the conversation you just had. The result is that you feel like the brand doesn’t care about you or know you any better than a brand you’ve never interacted with.

The reason this happens is because legacy CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is an isolated black box that cannot ingest and store time series behavior data, nor does it generate and distribute real-time, structured interaction data from the call conversations, so other downstream systems that power digital touch points are left in the dark after an agent has spoken to you.

Regal’s unified customer profile allows you to gain a complete view of each customer and deliver one continuous conversation across all your digital and human channels, so you can scale a personal touch and treat millions of customers like one in a million.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Customer data from all your sources: Regal’s unified customer profiles stream in and stitch together real-time data from any of your customer data sources. We have integrations with CDPs like Segment and mParticle, CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, ESPs like Braze, and more. See our developer guides. Our Custom Events API can also accept data directly from your application, your Data Warehouse or any other platform that supports Custom Webhooks.  In addition, granular call, SMS and email interaction data from Regal are interwoven into the same activity feed as your other customer data sources so you have one complete time series history of the customer experience across digital touch points and human conversations.

  • Identity resolution: Our identity resolution process determines which customer profile incoming data should be added to. We can resolve identities across your different sources of data using Anonymous Id, External Id, phone number or email address as identifiers. 

  • Compliance & Customer Preferences: We natively manage the TCPA and TSR compliance (and handle CCPA/GDPR deletion requests), and maintain a record of a customer’s current channel opt-in preferences across voice, SMS and email, as well as an audit trail of when they opted in or out of each channel, from what IP, and what terms they accepted. 

  • Unlimited custom attributes & inferred attributes: Brands can add unlimited custom attributes to their profiles through their events without having to specify them in advance in Regal. And agents can edit or add new data to the customer profile based on what’s learned in conversations. We also supply inferred attributes based on a customer’s actions captured in Regal, such as preferred channel, which agent handled their last call, and what was their last call outcome.

  • Webhook data out to your downstream systems: All of the interaction and conversation data that happens in Regal is your data. Stream it out in real-time with webhooks or our native integrations. Send it to your in-house data stack or BI tool, update your custom CRM, change the website experience in real-time. Power a more consistent, personalized experience across all your customer touch points.

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