Introducing Custom Contact Lists

Regal Journeys pioneered a new way for businesses to automate agent outreach based on real-time customer behaviors, rather than agents having to hunt and peck through long lists of leads to determine who to call when, or call everyone with a one-size-fits-all strategy. We call this “Real-time, Event-driven Outreach” and it allows large, online businesses to scale revenue-driving conversations, treating millions of customers like one in a million.

However, we understand some use cases and agents require the flexibility to reach out to their leads with even more bespoke handling on their own terms. Now agents can work both journey-triggered tasks and off their own custom lists of contacts from a single interface in Regal!

Custom Contact Lists

A Custom Contact List is a filtered view on top of an agent’s contacts that meet the criteria they define. It allows agents to segment the contacts they own by relevant categorizations to help them keep track of their leads or customers, and manage their outreach better. When naming Custom Contact Lists, we recommend using emojis to quickly signal what each list is for.

Create Contact Lists with Custom Criteria

Below are some ideas for contact lists agents can create to manage their contacts in action-oriented ways:

👋 New Leads with No Contact

  • Criteria: Contacts created in the last 7 days with no "last contacted at" date.
  • Goal: This list should continuously be getting to zero as your team's journeys are ideally creating tasks to contact new leads within their first 7 days, but if not, this list provides a catch all to ensure you don't miss a lead. If so, reach out with a call, text or email.

🙋 High Intent Leads (Activity-Based)

  • Criteria: Contacts with last disposition that includes "Interested," but have not been contacted in the last 2 days and don't have a callback scheduled.
  • Goal: Since these contacts have indicated interest in the past, and we haven't reached out to them in a few days, it makes sense to follow up with them while they are still motivated to move forward or get a Scheduled Callback on the calendar.

👑 VIP Contacts

  • Criteria: Contacts with a certain attribute such as Annual Income over $XX, or Quote Price higher than $XX.
  • Goal: Curate your outreach to those who may need more "white-glove" handling based on their profile. 

⭐ Favorite/Starred Contacts

  • Criteria: Contacts who are tagged in a Yes/No field such as "Favorite".
  • Goal: Add contacts to this list when you know you need to follow up with them or take some other action, but don’t have the time right now.

Another way to use Custom Contact Lists is to create lists of contacts who are in particular funnel statuses for longer than expected. For example, you might have a list called “📄 Stuck in Paperwork” that includes contacts who have been in the “Pending Paperwork” stage for over 14 days. Lists like these help you ensure customers aren’t getting lost in certain funnel stages.

Example Custom Contact List

When to Use Journey-Triggered Tasks vs. Custom Contact Lists

Custom Contact Lists are complementary to Journey-triggered tasks. Some agent teams may operate using only one or the other, but many agent teams will have use cases for both.

When to Use Journey-Triggered Tasks

  • When speed-to-lead is of the essence
  • Shorter sales funnels that require single-touch conversations
  • Higher volume use cases with large agent pools handling conversations round-robin

When to Use Custom Contact Lists

  • When leads are owned end-to-end by a specific agent
  • Longer sales funnels that require multi-touch conversations
  • More specialized agents / use cases
  • More concierge-style “white glove” teams / use cases

More Ways to Reach Your Customers

Up Next: Managers can create Shared Contact Lists. Set the list criteria for your agents and select which agents or teams to share the lists with. As you update the list criteria, it will automatically update for your agents.

To get early access to Custom Contact Lists, or to give feedback on ways you’d like to see us expand this feature set:  REACH OUT ABOUT CUSTOM CONTACT LISTS

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