February 2024 Releases

Early Access:

Keep a Pulse on Your Call Health with AI-Powered Sentiment Scores

REGAL AI sentiment analysis automatically detects agent and contact sentiment on calls, and allows you to filter calls from the Conversation Intelligence tab based on Positive, Neutral, or Negative sentiment. 

Note: This feature is included in the REGAL AI seat add-on. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about REGAL AI.

Support For Shared Phone Numbers Across Contact Profiles

Contacts can now share the same contact phone number or email address but maintain separate contact profiles in Regal by using External Id as the unique identifier for a profile. This allows brands who tend to serve multiple members of a household – such as spouses who share a landline or a parent and child who share a cell phone – to maintain separate profiles in those cases, each with their own contact attributes and event history. 

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Note: This feature requires Regal to configure a new Identity Resolution Setting for your account.  Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get access.

Recent Releases:

Use SMS Template Variables to Increase Personalization

Admins can now include variables in SMS templates to reference contact attributes, so agents no longer have to manually personalize templated messages before sending.

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Set and Monitor Queue SLAs in Real-Time

Managers can now set specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each Queue and monitor them in real-time on the Queues page. Toggle between 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour and Today to view adherence to your SLAs for different time periods. Armed with these metrics, managers can shift staffing or adjust outbound task volume, as needed to hit their SLAs.

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Scale Your Coaching by Sending Scorecard Evaluations Directly to Agents

Admins can now view a specific agent’s Scorecard performance through a new dashboard on the Conversation Intelligence Insights tab. Admins can also easily schedule and send this report on a daily or weekly basis to agents, so they are automatically made aware of their performance and are empowered to make ongoing improvements.

Coming Soon:

Email Templates

Enable agents to quickly reach out and respond to customers over email with accessible, pre-approved messaging, directly from the Agent Desktop.

Email Signatures

Further personalize your email outreach with email signatures. Regal integrates directly with stylized or templated email signatures agents have set up in their Gmail inbox; no Regal set up needed.  

Custom, Self Serve IVRs

Gain more control over inbound call treatment with custom, self-serve IVRs. Set up different IVRs and IVR recordings for your different phone numbers – split on contact attributes, key press inputs, time of day and more.

Regal Live

Managers will have access to live intraday operational metrics in a new Regal Live tab so they can take action in real-time to improve performance.

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