Announcing our Integration with Twilio Segment

Connect Your Customer Data to with Twilio Segment

Good news! is integrated with Twilio Segment, allowing you to seamlessly connect your first-party customer data with and 200+ other integrated tools.

More About Twilio Segment

Twilio Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. With Twilio Segment, you can collect, unify, and connect your first-party customer data to 200+ tools, including email, web, advertising, POS, and mobile. With Twilio Segment, you can achieve a common understanding of your users and activate your own data to create personalized, customer-first experiences.

Twilio Segment and

Easily share full customer profiles or specify key data points including new customers and specifically tracked events to use in journeys. You can track any event you’d like to use for scoring a lead or as a trigger condition when triggering calls or sms. 

With Twilio Segment and, you can engage with your customers in real-time through event-based call and text message outreach. Be there at the right time with the right message. 

Connecting Twilio Segment to your instance is easy, and you can customize the connection to make sure the right data flows to maximize your performance. 

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