Announcement: Regal Segment Builder

Regal's powerful, no-code Segment Builder enables any business user to segment, target, suppress, and send blasts of cross-channel communications (SMS, calls or webhooks) to their customers – all based on a real-time unified customer profile. Build the exact audience you want without engineering or IT support to accelerate your ability to launch campaigns. Hit your number with ad hoc or scheduled journeys of calls and texts to drive more customer engagement.

  • Create segments with ease: Explore, define, manage and engage contacts. Build static and dynamic segments on real-time Unified Customer Profile data or CSV uploads. See your audience breakdown across characteristics for validation.

  • Schedule blast campaigns to drive engagement: Activate segments with scheduled Journeys (with sms, calls and webhooks) including seasonal promotions, end of month or end of week pushes, re-engagement, upsell and win back.

  • Suggested segments to get you started: Leverage pre-created segments including high intent leads, lapsed leads to re-engage, sms subscribers, etc. A/B test segments to determine which are highest performing, or create your own.

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