Announcement: Regal 1:1 Email Channel

Today, we’re wrapping up our launch week with our final feature release: we added Email to make Regal omni-channel.

Our journey to email

We started Regal because we saw an acute need to improve the effectiveness of outbound calling for B2C sales. Getting customers in a conversation was mission critical for High-Consideration Industries like insurance, healthcare, lending, education and local services, but answer rates were on the decline. To address this problem, we pioneered event-driven, branded calls – the most effective and customer-friendly way to engage your customers in conversation and hit your revenue goals. We also allowed brands to pair calls and SMS seamlessly in a single interface to drive a single conversation from the same phone number. 

Today, we’re bringing the same personalization and effectiveness Regal has become synonymous with to the next most relevant B2C sales channel – Email. Our powerful 1:1 email channel enables agents to have more touchpoints with customers. Some key features include:

  • Unified platform: Simplify agent workflows and reduce context switching with calls, SMS, and email all in one place. Get quick and comprehensive customer context with a cross-channel conversation history.

  • Custom routing rules: Leverage our routing rules to handle emails appropriately. Ensure agents respond with confidence to emails from the customers they manage, without worrying if another agent has already responded. Never drop a thread with automatic out-of-office rules.

  • Data-driven decision making: Regal’s out-of-the-box email reporting provides managers with more visibility into customer email conversations, agent email activity, and the effectiveness of email on customer outcomes and revenue. Now it’s possible to track agent-level performance across email, calls, and SMS.

  • Save money: Best of all, save money and reduce tech complexity by keeping all your channels in Regal instead of having agents in a separate email tool.

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