2022 Year In Review

We built Regal because we once sat in your shoes – like you, we were responsible for hitting annual growth targets at a B2C brand in a high-consideration industry, and we knew that by having a conversation with our prospects, we could massively increase their conversion to onboarding and purchase.

But there were no B2C phone sales solutions, and the B2B sales or customer service contact center tools that existed could not use digital customer data to efficiently personalize timely, relevant human-led sales.

Today Regal allows you to use a drag-and-drop Journey Builder to add branded, event-driven calls and texts that skyrocket your answer rates, give your sales team a unified agent desktop to improve on-call conversion, and get the data to show off your impact. Below are some of the key additions to the product this year, and we are just getting started – there is so much more to do to help B2C sales teams drive higher conversion and more revenue.

This year we reached a number of important milestones, including 3 Billion behavioral events processed, 20 Million conversations over phone and SMS, and $1 Billion of customer revenue driven. That’s $1 Billion of essential banking, insurance, lending, healthcare, education, home improvement, pet care, tax & legal services delivered to consumers, who without a proactive, human conversation at the right time, would have struggled to move forward with their purchase.

Thank you for trusting us to power such an important part of your customer experience and for being wonderful partners. Your honest, continuous feedback and participation in our roadmap has been a gift in helping us get to where we are, so please keep it coming!

- Rebecca & Alex

Co-Founders, Regal.io

A More Efficient & Empowering Agent Experience

The agent experience became more seamless and reliable this year, with added functionality to enhance agent autonomy and productivity.

Agents can send and view images in the activity feed. Learn more —>

Agents can transfer calls to external phone numbers, or internally to other agents or queues in Regal. Learn more —>

Agents can schedule reminders to themselves to follow up with customers on SMS or take other actions outside of Regal. Learn more —>

Agents are automatically reminded to summarize tasks so they can move on to the next conversation. Learn more —>

Agents are proactively notified when their system settings are not set up properly or when we've detected unstable internet which may affect call quality.

It takes fewer clicks to make a manual dial, with the dial pad now defaulting the FROM number to the agent’s dedicated line or contact’s sub-brand, if either is present. Learn more —>

A Powerful Journey Builder To Orchestrate Hyper-Personalized, Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

With the release of Journey Builder, you can create cross-channel, personalized outreach that triggers at key revenue-generating moments – all from an easy, drag & drop interface, without engineering support. Learn more —>

Trigger journeys based off of customer behaviors from your site, app or email, conversation events from Regal, or uploaded segments. Learn more —>

Create triggered outbound call tasks and send automated SMS campaigns to engage your customers in a conversation. Or cancel pending tasks from the queue that are no longer relevant.

Post to, or get information from, other 3rd party systems such as an ESP, CRM or other internal tool with Journey Webhooks. Learn more —>

Specify the timing of when you want certain actions to happen in Journeys with advanced delay nodes, down to the second. Skip certain hours of day or days of week. Or even delay based on a property from a contact's profile or triggering event. Learn more —>

Split and send customers down hyper-personalized paths based on previous behaviors or conversation outcomes, using Conditional Match nodes. Learn more —>

No more arguing about what is the optimal number of SMS to send or when to call customers - set up A/B tests to your heart’s content, and see the results in the Experiments Dashboard. Learn more —>

See live counts of how many contacts have started, finished or are currently in a journey, and view a list of in-progress contacts. Learn more —>

Stop a journey when you need contacts in that journey to instantly exit. Learn more —>

A Hub To Manage Your Branded Caller ID & Spam Remediation + The Data to Show Results

You’ve relied on Regal from the start to drive higher connect rates by removing spam labels, branding your outbound calls, and getting carrier-level performance data.

And now, from the Phone Numbers tab, you can easily manage your branding and spam remediation across carriers. Upload phone numbers in bulk, set your display names and assign reporting groups for better insights. Statuses let you know exactly when each carrier has approved and launched each number. Learn more —>

The Branded Caller ID dashboard in the Reporting tab displays daily impressions and answer rates by carrier, phone line, display name, and reporting group so you know exactly how your numbers are performing.

Admin Settings To Configure Regal On Your Own Terms

Regal became a lot more configurable in 2022.

Define the dispositions, tags and cancelation reasons your agents see on the Agent Desktop. Learn more —>

Set task summary timers for SMS and call tasks to warn agents, and then automatically summarize idle tasks. Learn more —>

View your Regal phone lines, assign sub-brands if needed, and give your phone lines friendly names that appear on the Agent Desktop. Learn more —>

Submit pre-recorded voicemails and assign to different campaigns for more personalized voicemail drops, without compromising agent efficiency. Learn more —>

Configure the contact attributes your agents see and can edit on the contact profile on the Agent Desktop. Even create new fields for agents to collect more information about your customers during their conversations. Learn more —>

Detailed Reporting Dashboards You Can Email, Filter & Customize

We launched in-app Reporting with a suite of 13 pre-built dashboards that help you understand the most important metrics, so you can focus on the actions that drive more revenue and increase ROI.

Reporting dashboards can be filtered by timeframe, agent, team, task type and many more fields. You can download data or set up email schedules to send out any dashboard to a distribution list of your choosing, so your whole team is informed.  

We also added Custom Reporting this year, so you can build your own custom dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.  

Learn more —>

More No-Code Integrations For A Single View Of The Customer

We added three new no-code integrations this year to allow you to build a more complete profile of your customers from across all your customer data sources, and use Regal’s Journey Builder as a single place to design your customer outreach — all without needing engineering support!

Salesforce. Sync data bi-directionally between Salesforce and Regal, with support for Salesforce Contacts, Person Accounts, Accounts, Opportunities, Events and Cases. Regal events appear in the Salesforce activity feed. Learn more —>

HubSpot. Sync data bi-directionally between HubSpot and Regal, with support for HubSpot Contacts and Deals. Regal events appear in the HubSpot activity feed. Learn more —>

Calendly. Create scheduled callbacks in Regal from Calendly events, with support for reschedules and multiple Calendly links. Learn more —>

See all integrations —>

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