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In this episode:

As more healthcare companies move online, there will be fundamental changes in how they think about engaging with their customers and the role that software plays in this digital transformation.

Assure Health’s mission is to empower patients and providers with people-focused, technology-enabled chronic disease management. They close the gap between doctor’s office visits by combining real, dedicated, and accessible care providers with easy-to-use technology. In this episode, Regal.io’s CEO Alex Levin interviewed Jeffrey Nadel, CEO of Assure Health, to answer:

How do high consideration brands think about their sales and marketing motions?

How can a customer data model help you effectively market to your customers?

What is the role of technology and automation in healthcare?

Some other interesting points made in the discussion:

  • The traditional data models that existed in retail are not suitable for high consideration brands. As more high consideration brands move online, this will present a major challenge to automating their sales and marketing efforts. Simply having email addresses is not enough for these complex sales motions.
  • Human beings should be kept in the loop. The doctor who is uniquely qualified to have that conversation with a patient should not be automated away. The role of technology should be to provide them with superpowers instead of replacing them.
Key Takeaways
Healthcare is moving online to telehealth, which will create distance between patients and the relationship they have with their providers. What used to be regular hour-long sessions with a doctor is being trimmed down to 4 minutes a year.
With the proliferation of consumer wearables and ongoing testing, healthcare companies have more data about the customer than ever.
These two major trends pose a challenge for the traditional healthcare model. This, however, is exactly where software shines – by helping medical professionals to reach out to patients with timely and personalized messages.

Meet the speakers

CEO & Co-Founder, Assure Health
Jeffrey Nadel
CEO & Co-Founder, Assure Health
CEO & Co-Founder, Regal.io
Alex Levin
CEO & Co-Founder, Regal.io

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