Introducing QA Scorecards: Uplevel Agent Performance

We’re thrilled to announce that QA Scorecards are now Generally Available! We’ve integrated QA Scorecards directly into the Regal app so that busy managers don’t have to manage and organize external spreadsheets and forms in order to review calls. With QA Scorecards, managers can ensure that all interactions meet the criteria and standards of excellence established by your company. Track performance of individual agents and teams, and understand the effectiveness of scorecards and coaching over time.

Create Scorecard Templates for Your Team

Create dedicated scorecards for every kind of call your teams have — for different stages of the customer funnel or product lines. Add questions that help evaluate the key behaviors and actions you want your agents to take on calls. Select from yes/no or five star rating questions, and assign a point value to each.

Surface Relevant Calls Faster

We’ve now made it easier to view and filter your recordings from a new dedicated tab so you can easily find calls you want to review. Filter by various attributes such as agent, duration, campaign, disposition, call score, and more. Save commonly applied filters as “Saved Views” so you can quickly access them again later.

Review Calls and Complete Scorecards In a Single Interface

When reviewing a call, select the scorecard you want to apply and then complete the score card. You can also add custom notes to support your answers. Scores are automatically calculated based on the point values provided.

Use Data Insights to Identify Opportunities to Celebrate or Coach Agents

Managers can glean critical insights from all their Scorecards data from a dedicated Scorecards Reporting dashboard that tracks scores over time and can be filtered by agent, team, campaign, disposition, and more.

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