September 2023 Releases

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Streamline Your QA Process with Scorecards

Managers can now use QA Scorecard templates to evaluate customer conversations, ensuring that all interactions meet the criteria and standards of excellence established by your company. Track performance of individual agents and teams, and understand the effectiveness of scorecards and coaching over time.

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Recent Releases:

Add Email as a Channel in Your Omnichannel Strategy

Email is now Generally Available! Get a comprehensive, holistic view of customer activity across phone, text, and email, all in a unified desktop, arming you with all the customer context you need without having to leave Regal. 

With this release you can now send and receive emails as well as email attachments. Additionally, easily view emails in a threaded view. What’s more, managers get greater visibility into team performance through the Email Performance Dashboard in Reporting, which tracks the volume, reach, and business impact of your emails.

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Always Know Which Tasks Are Up Next By Sorting Upcoming Tasks by Priority

Managers can now sort upcoming tasks by priority which will display your outstanding tasks in priority order (higher number = higher priority). Managers can even save views, allowing them to easily and quickly see which tasks will be assigned to eligible agents next.

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Help Agents Stay Focused With Team-Specific Dispositions

Managers can now choose which teams can view certain dispositions, tags, and cancellation reasons to increase agent focus by only showing them options that are relevant to their role.

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Create and Edit Queues

Queues help you ensure that the right tasks get to the right agents and track your teams’ throughput in order to staff accordingly. Managers can now create and update Queues directly from the Routing Rules Settings page. Specify which agents are eligible for each queue based on things like skill, team, activity status or agent email, and set the number of agents who can be offered the same task at once.

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Coming Soon:

Streamline Outreach With Custom Contact Lists

Easily filter your contact lists by certain attributes such as disposition, last date of contact, time zone, and more, making your outreach efforts more targeted and efficient.

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