Regal is a Winner on G2!

We’re excited to announce that has been awarded 6 awards in G2’s Spring 2023 Reports. 

What are the G2 Awards?

Each quarter, G2 releases its list of the top software vendors based on a combination of their “Satisfaction” and “Market Presence” scores from user reviews. There’s over 100,000 solutions on G2 with verified reviewers who provide authentic and critical feedback of the software solutions that they use. 

Simply put, G2 is where you go to learn about software. Getting listed as a winner for a G2 badge is a highly competitive process, often having to receive over 20+ reviews with an average 4.0 star rating (at Regal we blew these milestones out of the water). 

How did stack up?

At Regal, we believe that customers should be treated like royalty. We founded Regal to help brands realize the incredible power of calling customers. We also care deeply about feedback that customers provide us – at Regal HQ it’s quite common to see Slack messages of customer feedback being posted publicly so that we can resolve those issues immediately. 

At the start of 2022, Regal had started from scratch with a total of 0 reviews. Within a matter of months, Regal reached dozens of reviews, including earning G2 badges across several categories:

  • Contact Center: Best Support, High Performer 
  • Conversational Marketing: Best Support, High Performer
  • Marketing Automation: Easiest to do Business With, High Performer
  • Mobile Marketing: Best Support, Easiest to do Business With, High Performer
  • SMS Marketing: Easiest to do Business With, High Performer

This is our first time making it onto G2’s quarterly reports, but we’ll make sure it won’t be our last. 

Capturing the Voice of the Customer 

G2’s reports are based on verified customer reviews, so none of this would be possible without our customers taking the time out of their day to provide us a thorough review. We went back and looked through some of the reviews we received and were amazed by what people had to say about us.

We couldn’t have done it without the reviews of Regal users like Julio R. who said: “Regal is one of the first tools to allow creating journeys that are truly focused on the actions taken by users within the product” (we agree that our Journey Builder is one of the coolest things we have built). 

Or Charlie J. who said “Switch to Regal and see an immediate increase in revenue” 

It’s thanks to you, Regal customers, for giving us the opportunity to make great things like this happen. Placing on G2’s report is a validation for all the work we do at Regal to create a powerful platform for B2C sales teams. 

We’re just getting started, so you can expect to see more improvements and new features throughout the year. 

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Treat your customers like royalty

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