October 2023 Releases

Recent Releases:

Identify Opportunities to Improve Agent Performance with New Scorecards Reporting Dashboard

Admins can now access a new Scorecards Reporting Dashboard in the Conversation Intelligence Insights tab. View scores over time and filter by agent, team, campaign, disposition, and more to easily get the insights needed to uplevel agent performance. 

Note that QA Scorecards are still in Early Access.

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Trigger Outbound SMS Tasks to Agents Using Journeys So They Can Further Personalize Before Sending

Managers can now use a new node in Journeys called Agent SMS Task to trigger SMS tasks to agents when you want to remind them to send a follow up SMS. The SMS Task node lets you provide a template for the SMS copy, while still allowing your agents the autonomy to further personalize the text before sending. This feature is valuable for touch points that require more consideration and human input than automated SMS campaigns.

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Give External Teams Better Context by Displaying Contact Phone Number as the Caller ID on External Transfers

When agents transfer incoming calls to an external party like another support team or extension, the contact’s phone number will now display as the caller ID on the transferred call, making it clear who the original call relates to and allowing other teams to properly route the call.

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Email Channel Improvements

We’re rapidly adding functionality to the new Regal email channel!

Search by Email on Agent Desktop

Agents can now search for a contact using their email address in the Agent Desktop, in addition to phone number and contact name.

Search by Email on Audience Page

Admins can now search for contacts by their email address on the audience page, in addition to phone number, external id, and contact’s last name.

Email-Only Contacts are Here

Agents can now view and engage with email-only contacts (contacts for whom you’ve collected an email but no phone number) on the Agent Desktop using the My Contacts view or the Tasks view. They can send outbound emails, respond to inbound emails or update contact details and profile information.

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Coming Soon:

Custom Contact Lists

Give agents more autonomy and control by letting them filter their assigned contacts by different criteria, and save those lists for easy reference and follow up.

Journey-Triggered Custom Tasks 

Use journey-triggered Custom Tasks to remind agents when you want them to take a customer-related action other than placing a call or sending an SMS. It can be used to remind agents to fill out paperwork, update another system, or send an outbound email.

Selectively Sync Records from Salesforce to Regal 

Reduce your incoming event volume by controlling which specific records are synced to Regal.

Access Salesforce Opportunity Objects in Regal

Allow your agents to view and edit Salesforce Opportunities in Regal so they don’t have to  go back-and-forth between multiple tools.

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