November 2023 Releases

Early Access:

Create Custom Contact Lists to Easily Access Your Relevant Contacts Faster

Custom Contact Lists are now in Early Access! Agents using My Contacts can now create and save filtered lists of their contacts based on criteria they define, so they can keep track of and reach their contacts anytime they need. For example, agents may want to quickly access leads in a particular status or leads who haven’t responded in a few days.

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Next Up: Shared Contact Lists. Shared lists will allow managers to create and share their list criteria with agents to avoid every agent having to create the same standard set of lists managers want them to see.

Note that in order to take advantage of Custom Contact Lists, My Contacts must be enabled first.


Trigger Custom Tasks to your Agents to Take Actions Outside of Regal

Now you can use the Regal Journey Builder to trigger tasks to agents for actions they need to take outside of Regal. For example, use the Custom Task node when you want to remind agents to fill out paperwork, update another system, complete a multi-step process or send an outbound email. When configuring the Custom Task node in Journeys, you provide a name for the task and a set of instructions. Once an agent selects the task on the Agent Desktop, your instructions will automatically appear on the right-hand side.

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Recent Releases:

Route Tasks by Agent Availability Status

Admins can now reference agents’ availability status in queue expressions using the current_status attribute. This is a new agent attribute that maps directly to availability status (e.g. ‘Pause Assignment’, ‘Lunch’). This enables admins to quickly update agent eligibility for tasks whenever they create/update a status. For example, only route custom research-oriented tasks to sales agents when they’re in a ‘Prospecting’ status, or don’t route Power Dial call tasks to agents in the ‘Pause Assignment’ status.

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Selectively Sync Records from Salesforce to Regal

For customers using Regal’s Salesforce integration, reduce your incoming event volume by controlling which records are synced to Regal. For example, sync a lead record only if the lead status is ‘Qualified.’ 

Improved Login Experience

We’ve made improvements to authentication so Regal users can now remain logged into Regal for up to 14 days before their session expires. This will reduce Agent Desktop issues caused by prematurely expired sessions.

Coming Soon:

Let Customers Leave a Voicemail

Give your contacts the ability to leave voicemails. When a voicemail is left, a Voicemail Task will automatically be created with the voicemail recording and transcript so agents can handle them like any other task. Voicemails will also appear in the Activity Feed of a contact and can be easily reviewed from the Tasks page.

Use SMS and Email Templates for Increased Agent Efficiency and Quality Control

Create email and SMS templates directly in Regal so agents can quickly and easily send compliant, pre-approved messages. What’s more, you can personalize email and SMS templates with variables, such as customer name or other contact attributes, to ensure your outreach is always personalized and relevant.

Scale Your Outbound Calls Using Progressive Dialer with Automated Voicemail Detection and Parallel Dialing

Increase your reach and agent efficiency with progressive dialer. Regal’s progressive dialer can make multiple calls in parallel, log unanswered calls, and connect answered calls to agents so they spend less time listening to answering machines and more time talking to customers.

Set Agent Goals

Set goals for your agents so they always have a North Star to orient themselves to. You can set different goals for completed tasks for each of your teams. Agents will see their progress toward their goals on the Agent Desktop.

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