Need to Boost Call Center Productivity? Switch to a Power Dialer

Picture this: your company is growing and  thousands of prospects are interested in your business every day. You’re excited to scale, but the outdated processes you’ve been using in your call center aren’t cutting it anymore. Sales reps are stuck manually clicking phone numbers to place calls, wasting valuable time. To boost outbound call productivity and efficiency, you may need to switch to an automated calling solution, like Regal’s Power Dialer.

Power dialing will streamline your outbound contact center workflows and give your team the tools they need to make more calls in less time so you don’t need to hire more agents.

What is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is a dynamic tool designed to revolutionize outbound calling processes. It automates the dialing sequence, empowering sales teams to efficiently connect with prospects and customers.'s power dialer streamlines the calling process by eliminating manual dialing, reducing downtime between calls, and optimizing agent productivity. Seamlessly integrating with your workflow, it offers features such as automated call management, CRM integration, customizable settings, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

With's power dialer, your sales team can accelerate outreach efforts, increase engagement, and drive meaningful connections, ultimately leading to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.

How Does a Power Dialer Work?

Manually dialing numbers takes time and effort. Instead of agents spending their day punching in numbers, a power dialer enables them to focus on the customer experience.

Once an agent finishes a call, the dialer will call the next number automatically. The dialer will proceed with the next call on the list if there's no pickup or live connection.

Benefits of Power Dialing - At a Glance

By using a power dialer, you can: 

  • Automate the dialing process
  • Place a higher volume of calls in a shorter amount of time
  • Easily adhere to regulations and manage compliance requirements
  • Make informed decisions by using lead-management features
  • Optimize call connections via algorithms

What is Power Dial Mode in Regal?

Live agents can use a power dialer to call telephone lists, one number instantly after the other. They can also automatically make a call without the need to accept the task. To make a call, agents simply set their status to "Available," and tasks are automatically assigned; dialing will start instantly. 

Why Use a Power Dialer?

It's simple. When an agent can make more calls, they make more sales. Live agents use a power dialer to call contact lists, one number instantly after the other. If a number is busy or no one answers, the power dialer immediately dials the following number on the list without input from the agent. When a prospect or customer answers the call, the power dialer quickly connects the call to an available agent, and agents interact with the prospect or customer in real time.

When Should You Use a Power Dialer?

Automating the dialing process is helpful anytime high-volume calling is required. For example, agents can use a power dialer to streamline sales campaigns, lead follow-ups, or customer surveys. If cold calling is a part of your sales strategy, a power dialer can significantly enhance your team's efficiency.

Power dialers reduce the downtime between calls so agents can spend more time engaging with customers and less time on manual dialing. Use a power dialer to optimize call connections and allow your agents to make more calls to increase the chances of successful conversations.

More Tools for Efficient Outbound Calling

With Regal, you're not just getting a power dialer. We have a number of other tools that help agent efficiency:

  • Generative AI - Regal incorporates generative AI to allow agents to quickly respond to customer messages, and we offer an AI SMS Assistant for situations where you don’t need an agent.
  • Conversation intelligence - Regal’s features include call recording, transcription, and insights that can help managers identify areas of improvement so agents get off bad calls, and convert better customers faster. Managers can analyze conversations and share recordings internally. Coaching is a huge part of working in a call center as there's a learning curve, especially with new agents.

Reporting & Call Analytics

Explore, analyze, create, and share data insights with Regal’s in-app reporting. Regal offers analytics and reporting capabilities to track key metrics like call duration, conversion rates, and agent performance. Regal also offers real-time dashboards for agents and line managers. Use the data to optimize your sales processes and make data-driven decisions.

A/B Testing

Learn what works and what doesn't. A/B testing will help you see how each journey is performing, identify improvements in your customer experience, or let you know what tactics are working effectively.

Seamless Integrations

Regal integrates with your team's data sources and other sales tools as well as your marketing and customer service tech stack. Read more about how Regal integrates with popular apps, including Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk at


Ready to Try a Power Dialer?

Ready to revolutionize your outbound calling operations? If your call center regularly handles a high volume of outbound calls, incorporating a power dialer into your workflow could be the game-changer your sales team needs. By automating the dialing process and minimizing downtime between calls, a power dialer enhances productivity and streamlines outreach efforts.

Interested in exploring how a power dialer can elevate your sales team's performance? Book a short meeting with our team to discuss your specific needs and objectives. Our experts will provide personalized insights and recommendations tailored to your business, helping you unlock the full potential of a power dialer and maximize your sales team's productivity. 

Learn about Regal’s products and services, read our blog posts, or email us. We are happy to discuss how our platform’s solutions can transform your business.

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