March 2023 Releases

Take Your Customer Outreach Global with International Calling and SMS

Agents can now initiate calls and texts to all of your prospects and customers, anywhere in the world. Journeys can also trigger call tasks and SMS to international numbers. Different rates apply by geo, so contact your Customer Success Manager about registering international numbers. Learn more ->

Isolate Contact Data by Agent for a More Secure Experience

Admins can now configure the Agent Desktop Search input to hide any contacts that aren’t owned by a given agent. If you’re managing multiple agents or teams with distinct customer bases, this feature ensures contact data is only available to agents on a need-to-know basis.

Reference Dynamic Values in Journey Conditional Nodes for Deeper Personalization

When building journeys, admins can now dynamically compare the value of a triggering event property against the value of a property from a previous event. This gives you greater control in journeys to personalize your interactions based on each customer's past behavior. For example, this feature can be used to take action only if a customer has purchased the same item before, or to cancel just the most recently scheduled Calendly call in case a customer scheduled multiple calls. Learn more ->

Take Greater Advantage of Your Customers’ Channel Preferences in Journey Conditions

Managers can now directly reference SMS, voice, and email opt-in attributes in Journeys to determine if a contact has given permission to be contacted by a specific channel. Regal already prevents contacts from receiving Journey-triggered campaigns on a channel they are not opted into, but now you can use that information for example, to evaluate if a contact should enter an A/B split or trigger a Journey webhook.

Access List of Changed Fields in All Salesforce Object Update Events for More Fine Grained Control Over Journey Triggers

For customers using Regal’s Salesforce integration, all Salesforce Update events (e.g., "Salesforce Contact Updated", "Salesforce Opportunity Updated") now include lists of the properties that were changed in that event. These fields can be referenced in Journey trigger nodes to check if a specific property changed before triggering a journey.

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