June 2023 Releases

Stop, collaborate and listen…when building journeys

Admins can now leave sticky notes on journeys for easier collaboration. Use sticky notes to plan out a new journey, provide more context about what a section of a journey is for, or leave open questions to return to. Sticky notes can be added to any part of the journey canvas, and when viewing a journey, you can view or hide all sticky notes.

Access your favorite manager views even faster

Managers can now edit their Saved Views on the Agents and Tasks pages, set a favorite view as their default, or delete views that are no longer needed.

Turn your calls into insights and make every agent your best agent

Admins can now view accurate and easy-to-read call transcripts from a new Conversation Intelligence tab in the Regal app. Listen to any call and read along at the same time. Quickly find and review interesting calls from a list view. Search for keywords or phrases within any transcript. Conversation Intelligence is a paid feature. You only pay for recorded seats; Listening seats are free. Reach out to your customer success rep to get access to 2 FREE months of Conversation Intelligence.

Reach your customers at any of their phone numbers with ease

Contacts can now each have multiple phones and emails on their profiles in Regal, with their own custom labels such as “mobile”, “landline”, “work”. Agents can view and edit all phones and emails of a contact from the Agent Desktop, and view a unified history of conversations across all of them in the Activity Feed. This feature is now in beta. To learn more and enable it for your account, reach out to your customer success rep.

Get more visibility in Salesforce by automatically logging Regal calls and SMS conversations

For customers using the Regal Salesforce integration, admins can now choose to have completed Regal call or SMS tasks logged in Salesforce as Task objects and tied to the relevant Salesforce Contact, Account, etc. Details from the call or SMS conversations will be populated in the Salesforce Task, and the handling agent will be used to attribute the task to the corresponding Salesforce User. Learn more →

Treat your customers like royalty

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