July 2023 Releases

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Regal’s new email channel is here

Increase your reach and engagement with email conversations in Regal! Get a comprehensive view of the customer with calls, SMS, and email history in a unified view. Never drop a thread with automatic routing of inbound customer emails to agents.  

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Track what matters across all your calls and take action automatically

Managers can now define Trackers to tag any calls that mention specific keywords or phrases of their choice. Trackers can be used to power Journeys or build Segments, filter the list of transcripts, find interesting moments in a transcript, or aggregate insights across all calls.

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Recent Releases:

Create and manage teams on your own time

You now have more control over how you manage Teams within Regal. Easily create a new Team in real time without having to reach out to Regal Support, and assign agents to their respective teams. Teams help you organize your agents, route tasks more effectively, and filter your management dashboards more easily.

Learn More about Team Management.

Improve the accuracy of your journeys

Journey Webhooks now have two new functions to help you capture and update how timestamps are saved. The “now” function lets add a current timestamp to your webhook payload, in the event a timestamp doesn’t exist on the triggering event. The “local” function helps you translate any timestamp into a local time based on a contact’s timezone in a human readable format. These additions will allow you for example to update your contact profiles with the timestamp of when certain important events happened (e.g., Application Submitted At) in a way your agents and journeys can easily reference. 

Learn more about Timestamp Functions.

Salesforce Integration


  • Added UserId to Regal Voice Event (RVE) object properties.


  • Added additional field types like ‘PickLists’ or ‘MultiSelect’ to sync into Regal

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Coming Soon:

Organize your Journeys with tags

As you continue to use more of Regal’s features to automate and scale your outreach you’ll inevitably find yourself wanting to stay organized. Define and add custom tags to each of your journeys. Filter the journeys list page by a given tag or set of tags to quickly access just the journeys you need.

Stay logged in longer

Users can log into Regal with confidence and stay logged in for up to 14-days. This should prevent agents from getting into inconsistent states where they return to the Regal app after long periods of idle time and appear logged into Regal, but their auth token has expired – cutting down on Agent Desktop errors.

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