January 2024 Releases

Early Access:

Increase Your Reach and Agent Efficiency with Progressive Dialer

We’re thrilled to announce that Regal’s Progressive Dialer is now in Early Access. Regal’s Progressive Dialer can make multiple calls in parallel for each available Agent, automatically handle unanswered calls, and connect answered calls to Agents so they spend less time listening to answering machines and more time talking to customers.


Recent Releases:

Create and Share Custom Contact Lists with Your Agents

Managers using Custom Contact Lists can now create and share their list criteria with Agents. Agents can easily access these lists directly in the Agent Desktop under a new Shared Contact List section. Only the list creator and other Admins have the ability to edit a shared list. 

Note: My Contacts must be enabled in order to take advantage of Shared Contact Lists. 

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Track Agent Adherence and Predict Staffing Needs with the Regal x Assembled Integration

Assembled is a leading workforce management tool for large Agent teams. The Regal x Assembled integration automatically sends Agent and task status updates directly to Assembled from Regal to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date view of Agent activity and task volumes. In Assembled, you can track Agent adherence to their expected schedules and activities, and forecast future staffing needs.

Note: To take advantage of the Regal x Assembled integration, you must have an Assembled account.

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Let Customers Leave a Voicemail

Your contacts now have the option to leave a voicemail when an Agent is not available to answer their incoming calls. When a voicemail is left, a Voicemail Task will automatically be created with the voicemail recording and transcript. Voicemail Tasks have their own Routing Rules and are on their own channel so you can adjust how many voicemails an Agent can view at once. Voicemails will also appear in the Activity Feed of a contact and can be easily reviewed from the Tasks page by managers.

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Note: Adding a voicemail option requires an adjustment to your IVR recordings. Please email productlaunches@regal.io to enable this feature, and we will support you in updating your IVR recordings.

More Improvements:

Search for Contacts by External ID

Agents can now search for a contact using their External ID in the Agent Desktop, in addition to phone number, contact name and email.

New Regal Events Available

There are four new Regal events now available in Journeys, Reporting Webhooks and other relevant data destinations. 

  • The call.wrapup event is sent when a call is ended and the task enters the wrapping state for the Agent. Learn More
  • The voicemail.recording.available event is sent when a contact leaves a voicemail message. Learn More
  • The voicemail.transcript.available event is sent when a contact’s voicemail message has been transcribed. The event contains the transcript and Trackers. Learn More
  • The call.transcript.available event is sent when a call’s transcript has been created. This event includes the AI Call Summary, Trackers and a link to the transcript in Regal. Learn

Coming Soon:

Queue SLAs

Set SLAs for each of your queues and monitor your adherence to those SLAs live from the Queues page.

Email Templates and Template Variables

Create email templates directly in Regal so agents can quickly and easily send compliant, pre-approved emails. What’s more, you can personalize email and SMS templates with variables, such as customer name or other contact attributes, to ensure your outreach is always personalized and relevant. 

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